What are your opinions of my components?

Hey guys,
As my PS3 has had the yellow light of death twice now, I have decided that now would be a good time to begin building a PC. I would like to play games at a fairly high level of detail and perhaps record them with Bandicam or Fraps but it will mainly be used for school work. I have bought a few of the components already and I was wondering what you guys thought of them, if you had any suggestions or comments. Please bear in mind though that I'm only 15 so don't have a huge budget!

Already bought:


AMD Phenom II X2 560 Black Edition 3.3Ghz

I just bought 2 sticks of generic 2GB RAM. Not sure if this is okay or not?

Case + PSU
Cit 2011 Black And Silver Midi Case With 450W PSU
I've read up more about PSUs now and now realise that such a cheap unit probably isn't a great idea. I might sell this PSU on eBay. Any suggestions for a decent, fairly cheap alternative?

I have pretty much set myself on an HD 6850 because I've heard that out of the box it is better than a GTX 460. I can also save 15-20 pounds buying a 6850. Can anyone reccommend the best version of the 6850?

I have bought 5 Western Digital 160GB Caviar Blue's but I do not intend to use them all. I was going to keep one for the OS and try to sell the others. Then, I am planning to buy a 500GB or 1TB hard drive. Any recommendations?

I do not require a monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers or OS.

I think that's it. Sorry for such a long post, I look forward to your replies.

JayRay :)
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  1. well for starters.. i wouldnt recoming buy peice of a computer from Ebay. i would try and get them from all one place like Newegg.com. Be better for shipping and also better for RMA in case a part goes bad (good chance of that).

    Also. 2GB is RAM barely cuts it now days.. You might want to look into getting 4GB of RAM. Todays prices, RAM is cheap. You can usually find a decent set of 4-6GB for under $50

    Also. that processor and motherboard are kind of old. You might need to spend a little more and get a faster one. Neweggs got some Intel core i5 processor and motherboards for around $200 (dont know what that is in pounds) that should do you pretty good.

    the 6850 is comparable to the 460 but the geforce 560 for a price beats the 6850.. that parts up to you though.

    Let us know what your price range is. Lets see if some of the euro guys can get you a good deal on some parts. I will say though, you can save money bundling on newegg.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply rozz/. :)

    I get what you mean about not buying parts on eBay but at the moment it is all about budget. I'm currently hoping to spend 250-300 (470 dollars) but with Christmas coming up, who knows? ;)
    When I was talking about RAM, I said that I bought TWO sticks of 2GB so I already have 4GB of it. I was asking if branded RAM would really make that much of a difference.

    I looked at Newegg and some of the prices were amazing but unfortunately, they do not ship to the UK.

    An i5 would be good but it is almost double the price of the Phenom.

    Yeah, I get what you mean about the 560. It's only an extra £25 but I don't knowif my PSU could handle it. Again, any recommendations for a cheap, decent alternative?
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