Headset choice. Looking for opinions. Xonar Essence STX.

Hi, I'm looking for opinions on headsets that are specifically circumaural. Right now I have a pair of Sennheiser 161s with an Asus Xonar Essence STX. I love the sound they produce, but in terms of comfort they're not amazing. I also hate how they just fall right off my head if i tilt back/front the slightest bit. The most obvious that comes to mind is the PC 350s or 360s, however I'd like to not spend that kind of money on a headset given I'm nothing but an addicted gamer/casual audio listener.

I'm looking for something that has the same or better quality of my current 161s, but are circumaurals and preferably open ear (Ugh, 360 y u so expensive... I'd buy the 350s instantly if they were open ear, 360s price just pushes it too far). I was having a good look at the Steelseries 5H V2 and Siberia V2s but it looks like people have a big problem with build quality and that they break over the course of 5months tops in some way. Can someone recommend a few headsets that aren't going to break my sound quality for more comfort?

Only one that sticks out to me is the Razer Orca, however I feel like i'd be losing quality, especially from going Sennheiser to Razer (I've had horrible experiences with their mice, as well). The price is great, color I don't care about, frequency range is good.

Edit: Okay, Orca shows up in the headset category but is only a pair of headphones... Sigh, was looking like something decent.
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  1. Astro A40?
  2. Huge waste of money with marketing BS to me imo. Looking for something cheaper anyway.
  3. PC 350s are amazing, I'd suggest trying to find them on sale. I managed to shave $80 off the price when I got mine.

    The only annoying thing is they are extremely well insulated from outside noises, so for example if my girlfriend says something all I hear is a murmur and have to take them off and stupidly ask "what?"

    I've heard you can replace the ear pad with a more permeable foam one but I don't know where to get them.

    Also, I hear the Steelseries Sibera are good. I had the 5H V2s for about a day, and those sucked ass. Maybe the 7H are better, but the 5H's were extremely "tinny" with zero bass.
  4. The PC350 was a great headset, but I just moved up to the BD 770-Pro, which I should be getting in a day or two. Note the PC350 had about a 10 hour or so burn in time before it REALLY came to life for me; keep that in mind if it sounds a bit flat when you first get it.

    In any case, if you have an Essence, you definatly want to take advantage of that amp.
  5. You guys are killing me. Lol. I really would like to stay away from the 350s, if I'm getting 350s I might a well go for the 360s because i like open vs closed so much more. But they're so steep in price :| Looking more at the siberia v2s, I guess there's not many options at the $100 mark for circas in an open design.
  6. I am very sure if you get the 5H V2s you will be disapointed. They have terrible sound quality. Maybe the Siberia's are better? I also hear a lot of people like Turtle Beach.
  7. If you like open headphones, I've heard wonderful things about the Beyerdynamic 880 Pros [semi-open] and 990 Pros [open]. I personally went with the 770 pros because I prefer closed headphones.
  8. @wolfI hear a lot of mixed things from Turtle Beach reviews stating they're so awful it's ridiculous or they're amazing. what TB open ear circ. headset would be as good or better than my current 161s?

    @gamerk I need a headset unfortunately. The clip on mics bother me way too much.
  9. Beyer does have headsets with mics, but they're pricey.

    As for Turtle Beach, I don't know. I've never tried them. Sorry. Your 161s are probably pretty good in comparison.
  10. Hmm, I just don't want to shoot myself in the foot and get something that is going to be more comfortable but lose quality. The MMX300s are the style I absolutely love. Big headphones with that type of mic. Unfortunately $300 is a LITTLE much... Really don't know if I should budge on the Siberia V2s or not. Feeling iffy about reviews. Basically everyone reports in on the sennheisers on a lot of forums when the v2 gets mentioned. But for open ear and quality I have to go right to the 360s :|
  11. I just dug out my receipt, I bought my PC 350s for $149.99 :)

    I think NCIX.com was having a sale that week, and my local retailer price matched.

    Looks like 360s can be had for $220
  12. I think I'm going to end up going with the Siberia v2s. The 360s are just too expensive. And it looks like there is absolutely no open ear headset to be had around $100 other than the Siberia. Was looking at sound reviews and what not and it's basically the same or better than the 161s I currently have depending on preference and the comfort level shoots way up as well, which is what I'm mostly after. Unfortunately seeing a lot of "doesn't work past 4-6 month"er reviews in some way or another, whether the wire be breaking, or the headset no longer working for w\e reason. :\. Other than that they're exactly what I'm looking for it seems.
  13. May not be a common recommendation, but I love my H800 from logitech. wireless stereo headset, sounds great with muic, no wires to get tangled/broken.

    They work great with the OS because the audio device is seen as a separate hardware so you can us them for audio chat while listening to the game through your computer speakers if you wanted to.

    Another huge bonus for me was the fact that they come with logitech wireless mini-plug as well as bluetooth. the headset are changed via a switch on the right ear. get a phone call, flip the switch and you have your hands free phone call as fast as your phone connects.

    3rd thing, almost a downside is the battery charge lasts about 6 hrs, but a huge bonus is they still work while being charged.

    Absolutely no complaints from me for these $80 headset

  14. Supra's are a no go. They're incredibly uncomfortable for me. And open ear is a near must. Unless I can find something like the Siberia v2s i'm just going to hope for the best on durability, and if they last long enough for the money, heck ill just buy them continually (if they're that comfortable as people say.)
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