Should I go crossfire or just get new graphic card?

question: was playing crysis 2 on high everything runs fine so installed high texture and directx 11 pach and now I see that with tessalation crysis 2 lags so question is should I get another same video card and go crossfire or should I ditch that card and get a new one selling

I assume that this card can be sold 100$ new one costs 140$ @ local retailer.... so is it worth going crossfire or should I buy new card for approx ~200$

CPU: Intel i3 530 @ 4.12Ghz
MB: Asrock H55M
RAM: 4GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 1600
HDD: Seagate Momentus® XT HYBRID HDD 250GB
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    personally I would sell the 5770 and get one of the newer cards, although the 7000 series will be out soon, may be worth holding back and see what they have to offer
  2. hmmmm well good idea to wait a little bit... 11.11.11 is the date when i'll be needing powerful rig for skyrim =]
  3. lol, i built mine 3 months ago, ready for all the releases in november october. BF3, MW3, there are 10 games that I will be buying.
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