So I have recently built a computer after being out of the loop for 8 years. I have now encountered a problem which needs clarification. My new board is the ASUS Maximus V Formula w/ 32gb of Patriot Viper 3 Black Mamba edition ram.. This ram comes in 4 sticks of 8gb. So the issue I am having is that I can actually boot up with any combination of 3 sticks but installing a certain certain stick into the forth slot or in any combination with the other 3 gives me a 55 error code which is suppsed to be no memory loaded... I would suspect this to be faulty ram but when I remove all the other ram and insert this certain stick alone then I can get the computer to boot up. I am no hardware tech and only know a few tricks but this has me baffled... I am currently running 24gb of ram and through the bios I see the ram is running between 1.5-1.6v and is running at around 1600mhz even though its supposed to be 1866mhz. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Hi, What memory model? Do all four slots work (by testing them with one RAM stick)?
  2. alexoiu said:
    Hi, What memory model? Do all four slots work (by testing them with one RAM stick)?

    Yes each slot works and I will give you all the info on the sticker of one piece of ram. It is as follows

    32GB 1866MHZ (10-11-10-30) DDR3
    1.5V UDIMM (4x8GB) Kit

    This seems to be the only relevant data.
  3. They are listed as compatible by Patriot ( ), but it seems they don't run as expected.
    What you can try: lower the frequency in BIOS at 1333 (check the SPD with CPU-Z) and test or return them and get a different kit ... maybe different brand?
  4. Yes I have just been talking to the people who sold me the ram and they believe that the ram is defective too so they will special order in a new set and I will see if it does not work any better. Thanks for all your efforts.
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