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Hello, today I got all new PC parts to build a brand new PC for my birthday. I installed the motherboard into the case, the CPU, the Heatsink, the RAM, the PSU, and Graphics Card. I wanted to do a quick check to make sure all the parts were working, so I plugged the PSU in to all the required plugs for this, and tried turning on the PC. All I got was a high pitched noise from the PSU, that doesn't stop until ~5 seconds after it's turned off (probably all the power finally leaving it). Frustrated, I unplugged all the PSU cables after turning it off, and did the test with a paper clip to make sure the PSU was working. It was working fine.

I plugged the cables into the motherboard (the 24 pin power, and the ATX power) and as soon as it got plugged into the 24 pin connector, I heard the high pitched noise. The PSU was not on or plugged into the power strip, so I assumed it was just the power still lingering in the PSU, but this tells me it has something to do with the 24 pin connector. Any ideas as to what the problem is, or if I will have to RMA a product?

The parts I got:
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  1. I would bank my money on a bad capacitor. You didn't hear anything when you jumped it with a paper clip because nothing was drawing power from it as it wasn't plugged into anything. I would RMA it back to newegg.
  2. So RMA the PSU? Alright, I'll talk to my mom about it tomorrow, as she left for work 20 minutes ago.
  3. Yea that's what I'd do. Feel free to wait for anybody else's advice as well if you'd like. I'm assuming by high pitched noise you mean a noise similar to the high pitched noise that some really old CRT TV's would make right before or after they quit working? Kind of like a really high pitched whine? If so, that's a bad capacitor and you don't want it.
  4. I just did an external build (like I wanted to in the first place but my friend convinced me otherwise) and I got a POST!!!! So now I just need to check if there is anything in the case that might be causing the problem.
  5. Was this high pitched noise vibrations maybe? Or a fan?
  6. No, it was just an incredibly high pitched sound. So high pitched, my mom claimed she couldn't hear it. Only my little brother and I could. None of the fans started when the high pitched noise was being emitted.
  7. Coil whine is a common problem with some PSUs and results in them being RMA'd.
  8. It doesn't make the sound anymore unless I turn off the PSU, and even then it's only for a moment. Basically, I fixed the problem, though I have no idea how.
  9. The power supply can make that high pitched noise due to lose turns on the inductors in the power supply and is nothing to worry about. Often the noise can be stopped by just moving the inductors (but I do not recommend that you do this). If the noise bothers you then RMA the power supply.
    Power supply's can also make this noise when they have a short across one of the supply rails. It is a common mistake to leave unwanted stand offs in the case that causes the motherboard to be shorted out.
  10. Im having this exact same problem, bought a new pc last week and the high pitched noise starts when I plug in the 24pin cable to the motherboard. I replaced the PSU (corsair cx500) but the problem still happens, and the noise is definitely coming from the psu but it cant happen twice in a row with two seperate brand new psu units so what could be wrong with the motherboard?
    its an ASUS P8H61-MLE
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