Can any one recommend a good 650 watt PSU for my build?


CPU: i7 2600k

MOBO: P8Z68-V Lga 1155

WD Black Caviar 7200 RPM SATA III

Radeon 6950 Gigabyte


Kingston 8 GB ram DDR3

Thanks for the support guys. Hoping to find a good high quality 650W PSU for around 80-100. I don't want my parts frying. :p
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  1. The Corsair TX 650 is a good unit .

    Antec are also good value
  2. Thanks I was considering that Corsair. I found a better deal for an OCZ 750watt. I bought it then canceled my order because I read reviews on how bad it was.

    Corsair it is then. Thanks much.
  3. +1 for corsair TX 650 :)
  4. go to corsair
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