Cheapest crossfire motherboard

what's the "cheapest" AMD motherboard that can run 2xHD 6850 crossfire ?
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  1. just give me some links
  2. What are your full system specs?(CPU,RAM,etc.)

    What is the make/model of your PSU?
    $60 BIOSTAR A870 AM3 AMD 870 SATA 6Gb/s ATX AMD Motherboard (no USB 3.0)

    or better
    $70 BIOSTAR A870U3 AM3 AMD 870 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard
  4. how about this one for phenom ii x3 720BE 4g ram and hd 6870:

    is it ok ?
  5. Although their is little performance loss with going with a x4 slot I would strongly reccomend you go with a at least a x8 if your going to crossfire.

    The cheapest x8 mobo is around $80.If you don't have the money now I suggest you save up and do it right.Not worth spending your money on a low end mobo just to crossfire.
  6. or should i buy this mobo and stick with one 6870 @x16 mode ?
  7. what you say ?
  8. will phenom ii 720BE bottleneck hd 6870 BTW ?
  9. hey... I think you should be aware that there was a new article on toms pretty much recommending against any Amd 6800 series card being crossfired due to the problem of micro-stuttering. I built my computer with crossfire in mind with a 6850 and now I don't know what to do... so just buy the best single card you can.
  10. A 720 will not bottleneck a 6870.

    I wouldn't reccomend getting a Foxconn mobo.Spending the extra money for a qaulity board from Gigabyte,Asus or MSI is well worth the money.
  11. how about this biostar over that foxonn:

    cuz am looking for $50 board ;)
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  13. Are you looking for a new mobo or a crossfire mobo because that Biostar you linked isn't even crossfire capable.

    Do you have the 2nd 6850 or are you just trying to get a mobo in advance?

    When looking for a mobo don't just look at it for one feature.For instance don't go for a 7xx series mobo just because it's cheaper.Their's no upgrade path with the 7xx series.Get a 8xx series or a 9xx series so that way you can upgrade to a Bulldozer chip when you have the money.Or at least have the ability to in the future.

    What i'm trying to say is if you buy a crappy $50 mobo you get what you pay for.Don't be surprised if in a couple months you feel like you wasted your money.
  14. no, am gonna go for single HD 6870 and single pci-E mobo for $50 maximum $60 ;)
    whats you recommendations ? should i get the biostar i linked before ? of the faxonn, or which one ?
  15. I wouldn't get either.The Biostar has the most features but it just isn't logical to go with that type of mobo but it's your money.

    So why are you looking for a mobo if your just getting a single 6870?
  16. For a new AMD build, you want socket AM3+ with a 900-series chipset to support a potential Bulldozer upgrade; otherwise you're buying a dead-end. The cheapest one I'd get is this Asus: but if you want to be able to Crossfire (or SLI), another $5 gets this one: which offers a pair of x8 PCIE slots.
  17. I would go with the Asus model even if it's a x4 slot.The quality of componets and heatsinks compared to the ASRock mobo make it worth it to loose the extra bandwith and sometimes it isn't even noticeable.
  18. Every now and then, HardwareSecrets has reviewed an ASRock board. One consistency I've noted is they point out that ASRock uses superior components, such as solid caps and ferrite chokes. It's a tiny sample, but none of the few ASRock boards I've bought over the last few years have had any problems.
  19. But why are they so cheap compared to Gigabyte,Asus and MSI when they have the same features and componets?
  20. Because Gigabyte, Asus and MSI are bigger "brands" and can charge more even though their stuff is the same or worse quality.
  21. although no one has post a $50~$60 mobo :(
  22. i don't need usp3 or xsata3 or any thing fancy, i just need a mobo that can handle my hd 6870 and my phenom ii
    and stay alive , easy to install and run with a decent quality ;) for a budget gaming pc
    i mean .. let say that i have $300 for a mobo and a graphic card, am gonna get $250 graphic card and $50 mobo
    because the card are more important than the mobo "its a budget gaming pc" so that what am doing

    any recommends ?
  23. which one and why ? :|13-186-205^13-186-205-TS%2C13-157-199^13-157-199-TS%2C13-130-559^13-130-559-TS%2C13-131-728^13-131-728-TS%2C13-138-283^13-138-283-TS
  24. If you have a $300 budget then your fine.The 6870 is $180 so that leaves you $120 to spend on a mobo.

    Out of the ones you've chosen I would say eith ther ASRock or Asus mobo is the better.
  25. but the biostar is "2X Winner of Customer Choice Award"
  26. which one you recommend ?
  27. If you are limiting your choice to that last search, the Asus, because it has socket AM3+, giving you at least the potential of a CPU upgrade, if you ever want it.
  28. That's strange.I would have thought because the ASRock mobo is an 8xx series that it would be somewhat AM3+ capable but they don't have any BIOS updates pertaining to that.The Asus board is till using the 7xx series chipsets while able to use AM3+ CPU's.
  29. i don't think i will upgrade to Zambezi 8 cores CPU..
    the biostar is the best selling motherboard on newegg <---------

    i briefer 8xx north bridge with 4250 onboard graphic card :)

    so whats would you buy if you was me ?
  30. If I was you I would save my money.

    You still haven't answered my question.Why do you need a new mobo if you already have a Phenom ii x3 720 and your not going to crossfire?

    Even if your not going to buy a Bulldozer CPU now it still leaves the option open for the future.Not now but maybe in 2 years.
  31. hameem 1 said:
    so whats would you buy if you was me ?

    Well that's the thing. Because I am not you, I do not know the relative value you place on various options. Also, you have not clarified the purposes you have for you computer. I can only tell you what I would do, and why; and even that may not take into account your budget.
    With what I have heard and read on driver issues and microstuttering, culminating in Toms' recent article:,2995.html I am hesitant to suggest running Crossfire today, but to have it as an option cannot be a bad thing, or if you go with nVidia graphics, to have the second PCIE x16 slot for a second card to do PhysX if that is (or ever becomes) important to you. Accordingly, for the sake of budget, in your place I would accept a x16,x4 PCIE slot arrangement.
    Your choice comes down to how important any future upgrades might be. If you either don't give a rat's behind about a potential Bulldozer upgrade, or wouldn't mind buying another mobo in a couple years, get this: for $60. It has reasonable expansion, is cheap, and can overclock. I've personally used this board a couple times, and have had no trouble from it. Tom's has used it in some SBM builds as well.
    If you are more interested in maintaining an upgrade path, and want some better connectivity options, get this: for $105. That's probably the one I'd buy for a "budget" build myself, anticipating future expansion or improvement.
    The one I DID buy, because I wanted the longer warranty, and any imaginable likely future option, is this: for $190, but I was going all-out on a system I hope will last for many years.
  32. You just need to give us more details on how you plan to use your PC.Wether it be now or future games or usage.
  33. i am going to build a Gaming PC for games like crysis 2 and bf3 and the up comings !!
    i think am going to buy ii x4 955 ?BE for $120 and a sapphire HD 6870 or PNY gtx 560 non ti ;)

    and a mobo that less than $60 ;) .. check the link above and let me see your recommendations :)
  34. Whats your budget for the entire PC?

    Can you salvage anything from your old PC? What are the specs of the PC your using now?
  35. am using my notbook ;)
    my budget $500 include $20 mouse

    50 antec EW 500w
    21 asus burner
    25 ram 4g
    42 hard drive
    30 case
    ------------------------------------------------> this is the basic !!
    175 sapphire HD 6870
    $90 quad core CPU
    50 mobo :)

    what you think
  36. Well, the lowest priced board I would buy is the first one I linked, which is $60.
  37. what about the cpu .. is a quad core cpu will be better than triple core in gaming ?
    i was thinking about athlon ii x3 460
    or add more and go for x4 640
    or add MORE and get L3 cache cuz i herd that l3 cache are good for games!!
    maybe phenom ii x4 925 or 945 or 955be
  38. I would get a Dual Core BE.That way you have the full L3 Cache and you can O.C./Unlock cores.Perhaps the ASRock version that jtt283 suggested.
  39. Unlocking isn't a sure thing though. If a X2 doesn't unlock, you're going to have trouble with new games at higher settings. The 720BE is a nice choice, except that you'll need to buy a cooler for it, for at least another $15 if not $30. It may unlock, but even if it doesn't, it still has three cores and the L3.
    Right now, it can only be bought in a combo, but here's one with a decent cooler, the Xigmatek Gaia:
  40. The Gaia is actually a really good cooler.Could probably O.C. to 3.4ghz really easily maybe more if you wanted.

    Are you sure you can't stretch your budget another $30?

    You might even consider waiting a couple weeks to buy the CPU.With the launch of the new AM3+ lineup your likely going to see some price fluxuations and prices could drop for the current AM3 CPU's.
  41. i think am gonna buy the x3 720 with the gaia cooler combo ..

    and get the ASrock for unlocking 4th core .. how about that ?
  42. That sounds good. If it unlocks, great, if it doesn't, you can still play any game.
  43. what you mean if it doesn't ?
  44. If it doesn't unlock. Unlocking a working fourth core is not a certainty. The core may actually have been disabled because it is defective.
  45. no it will unlock, am sure ..
    there one more thing..
    do you recommend me buy a sapphire HD 6870 :

    and can i run it in hybrid crossfire mode with hd 4250 card in the mobo
    and can i add a dedicated graphic card in the PCI slot and run it with the HD 6870 at the same time ?
    and how about this mobo for running crossfireX (x16 , x4)
  46. Hybid Crossfire isn't good at all.They only recently made it useful with the Llano's.Don't get a mobo just for Hybrid Crossfire.
  47. ..ok
    but which better ? PNY GTX 460 XLR8 OC or HIS HD 6850 ?|14-133-326^14-133-326-TS%2C14-130-565^14-130-565-TS%2C14-161-348^14-161-348-TS
  48. The 6850 is a little faster than the GTX460 but the GTX460 can be O.C.'d to very high performance levels.
  49. who much i can over clock the 6850 ? and which one of this will OC better ?|14-161-348^14-161-348-TS%2C14-161-384^14-161-384-TS%2C14-150-505^14-150-505-TS%2C14-150-516^14-150-516-TS%2C14-131-374^14-131-374-TS

    i hope i don't ask much :)
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