How do you search the fourms?

I'm pulling my hair out looking for the normal vbulletin search and advanced search buttons, but can't find anything. Am I blind? Is there something wrong w/ my browser?

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  1. Look at the top of the boards. Above the menu bar.

    It's almost so big, you miss it.
  2. Yeah, I've seen that and from what I can tell it searches the whole site, and not just the forums and lack ALL advanced options (user, date, title only, title and message body, etc...)

  3. Yeah, the search is a bit of a pain. You really have to know the name of the thing you are looking for it seems. You can add a filter for news, forum, etc. but it would be nice to have a dedicated search with advanced options.
  4. Is there any chance that this will be updated at some point? I'd love an advanced search function.
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