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PSU & GPU buzzing/clicking noise

Last response: in Components
January 25, 2012 1:08:37 PM

**Relevant PC specs**
CPU: Intel 2600k (OC to 4.5ghz)
MOBO: Gigabyte g1.Sniper 2
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 580 Superoverclock x 2 (SLI)
PSU: Corsair 1050HX

Hi everyone!

Problem: Since day of purchase I have been having some difficulty with this computer. As the thread states, there is an audible clicking noise that can be heard over all computer parts and well outside the case.

Vysnc disabled, there is a high pitch squeeling noise. With vysnc enabled the noise changes to a fast clicking noise. The only way I can think of describing this sound is liken to how you would use your tongue to make the sound of a machine gun firing constantly.
Please note, these sounds only occur when GPU are under load.

Testing: My firsty assumption was that the sound was being produced by the GPU's through coil whine / capictors. I tested each GPU individually, they both produced the same sounds. I had to RMA one of the GPU's because of a loose fan bearing; I was sent a new replacement card of the same model, this GPU also produced the same noise when under load.

My brother has the same setup as me, except he has two 6950's. His computer also produced the same clicking noise but only more louder. Due to warranty I am unwilling to open the case and part of warranty the place of purchase can inspect the parts. The technician found that the PSU was responsible and has now been RMA'd.

Back to my computer; the technician's summary made me started to think it had something to do with the PSU and perhaps the GPU's were not producing the sound. So I removed the GTX 580's and installed my previous card, a GTX 275. With vysnc on/off the GPU did not produce any audible sound from afar. By placing my ear next to the GPU, a very faint buzzing noise same as my GTX 580's would produce was there but again, it was barely audible.

I went further with the testing by taking out the PSU from the case and placing at a distance far enough to be distinctively audible from other computer parts. I reinstalled the GTX 580's and ran a game, the PSU was making the exact same clicking noise as the GPU's. With vysnc off, the high pitched squeeling noise was also present on both the PSU and the GPU's.
In summary, whatever clicking / squeeling noise being produced by the GPU's was also occuring on the PSU; although somewhat fainter but still very much audible.

Unfortunately I do not have a spare PSU of sufficient wattage to test the GPU's and see if the same problem occurs.

Question: I am hoping for anyone to please, please help me with this matter and share your views/experience. Are the GTX580's only making the buzzing / squeeling noises because of the PSU. Thus if I were to replace the PSU, would this most likely stop any sounds coming from the GTX 580s? OR is the matter of the PSU making the same noises as the GPU's not connected, and that both are at fault. OR are the GPU's at fault here?

I am hoping in this matter that perhaps the Corsair PSU(known for making such noises according to their official forums) does not blend well with the GTX 580's, especially because of their higher thirst for power in comparison to the GTX 275. If this is the case, I was thinking of purchasing a Silverstone Strider 1500w which appears to be a very well built PSU manufacturer. Thoughts?

Thankyou, I apologise for the amount of text. Any help provided will be much appreciated!

Kind regards,

August 12, 2012 2:32:50 PM

Figured I post an update.

After multiple repairs / replacements, according to gigabyte staff an electrical buzzing noise is considered normal for this model GPU...Run for the hills. :o