Hows my current setup against BF3

Currently running:

HAF 932
EVGA X58 E760-A1 w/ i7 920 do OC to 4.2 lapped
Corsair H100 cooler
Corsair Dominator GT 2000mhz at 6-6-6-18
XFX HD 5970
xFi xtreme gamer sound card
2x 120gb raptors raid 0 and 1tb seagate
LG W3000H-BN 30" LCD
Logitech Z-5500 speakers

just curious how this would fare up against this awesome game as i didnt try the beta. I know there is room for improvement and would like any feedback and upgrade suggestions. I dont care to play this game at max settings *yet* lol but i would like to play with 1920x1200 res at least.
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    HD 5970 equals a GTX 580, and according to benchmarks released by nVidia a GTX 580 maxed out the game above 60 FPS... you have a powerful GPU, you're good to go.
    I see that you play at 1920x1200 but i guess that wouldn't change a lot and you'll still be able to max out the game on ultra with good playable FPS.

    Also, you could wait few hours till we see how the performance looks like, but i doubt you're gonna swap that Monster.
  2. Wow i wasn't expecting that at all, def anxious to play it when it comes out. Ill prolly leave v sync off as usually but afraid that leaving catalyst AI enabled will reduce frame rates:(
  3. The CCC has nothing to do with FPS as long as you're not playing with the settings inside and you're leaving everything to be "use application software"
    I played the beta i got above 35 FPS on Ultra with my single HD 6950, was hitting 50+ FPS inside Metro Operation with V.synch and everything on ultra.
    you definitely will max out the game with eyes closed.. no worries at all, your GPU should serve you quite well for a long time, you'll still be able to play all the upcoming on ultra and high.
  4. Awesome, thanks for the replies..i think one thing im going to go for is SSDs;) the least i could do haha.
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