SOLVED: Apple DisplayPort 27inch CinemaDisplay with PC Graphics Cards

Hello, I would like to ask if anyone has a successful setup on their PC with this monitor. I was unable to power this monitor with the Radeon 5850 using a Male DisplayPort to Female mini DisplayPort connector. Apparently, the 5 series is plagued with displayport problems. Since the problem is from a picky firmware on the Apple Monitor and a lousy firmware on the Radeon 5 series, I would like to ask for other cards people are successfully using.
Sorry about the convoluted train of thought. Any answers are appreciated.
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  1. This might help you -
  2. I have Solved the problem. All Radeon 6-series cards should work, and specifically, a Sapphire 6970 WORKS! The Radeon 5 Series does not work with the display-port Cinema Displays except for the Eyefinity 6 models. Since display-port is basically packet like communication, unlike DVI and VGA, issues can arise with early and inconsitent implementations.
    I have no information on Nvidea Cards. I have heard mixed reviews.

    Brightness control is available through the brightness driver that Apple provides for Bootcamp. You don't need to have a Mac to use this driver: any windows machine.

    Windows 7 automatically enabled the speakers, microphone, and camera in the display.
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