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Sorry that I have no experience on this but when is it appropriate to flash a mobo? I have a gigabyte mobo running the f15 BIOS and there is an update available (f16). Gigabyte's website said that because it is so risky do not do it unless I am experiencing current BIOS issues. I see many people on forums always suggesting to update the BIOS so in what cases should I and what cases should I not?

Thanks :)
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  1. If you are facing problems with your current bios then only update your bios.

    in problems like frequent crashes you may need to update it. (before updating check for other problems like improper ram settings, the also cause a lot of crashes).

    If you choose to update then go ahead. With q flash it is easy to do it.

    For Updating
    1. Format a flash drive (I used 4GB) in Fat32
    2. Put the files in the pendrive
    3. Reboot
    4. At boot screen enter Q flash(most probably END key)
    5. Follow the instructions
    6. Always backup your old bios(Q flash offers this option)
    7. Update with new bios

    PS. I am using Gigabyte's motherboard for 4 years now and I have updated it 2 times and both times didnot feel any change what so ever.
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