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Hello All, I wasn't sure where to put this question as it involves both the MoBo (AsRock 890GM Pro3 R2.0) and GPU on my PC. Here's my problem:

I upgraded my GPU over the weekend from my trusty old nVidia 9800 GT (512MB) to a new AMD/ATI HD 7770 (1GB). After removing the nVidia drivers and installing the ATI drivers, I noticed that there was no sound coming out from my PC speakers. I restarted the machine several times but no luck. I checked the connections and they seemed fine.
I had wanted to test the HDMI connection of my new card so I connected it to my TV and disabled the built in sound card. I then set the sound to come from my GPU. It worked but after I did that I still could not get my sound card (Realtek ALC892 built into the mobo) to work.

Realizing this was a more complicated problem, I did the following:

1. Removed and re-intalled the graphic drivers
2. Opened the PC and removed, cleaned and put back the GPU
3. Removed and updated the sound card driver

After all that I'm still not getting any sound. Plus now I noticed that the PC keeps notifying me that I have unplugged or connected the audio jack on the PC. I was initially thinking that something was shorted on my PC but checking the insides, I did not see anything unusual.

My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. 8GB RAM DDR3
Any suggestions?
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  1. Hi, If reinstalling the old video card, does the sound work?
  2. I might just have to do that.
  3. Hi,
    Make sure that your onboard sound is set to enabled instead of automatic in bios settings.
  4. I have a new problem. But 1st a rewind on what happened so far: I did as suggested above > set the on-board sound as enabled > still no sound > I uninstalled the ATI video driver and only installed the sound card driver > still no sound > tested the headphones and PC speakers on other devices > they are both ok. > Lastly I tried re-installing Windows (7 Ultimate 64-bit) then things got worse, after the 1st re-install I had just finished deleting some old files in the HDD then restarted the PC > got an error incorrect boot device > re-installed Windows yet again > after installing all drivers EXCEPT the graphics drivers PC was working fine (still no sounds though) > once I installed the graphics drivers and restarted the PC I got the same error: incorrect boot device. I checked the BIOS the settings are correct. I even tweaked it but still the same error. I'm now thinking that either my graphics card is problematic or the HDD is. I also am thinking that it may be a PSU issue as I have had intermittent boot issues in the past that suddenly appear and disappear. (such as the PC not booting up properly, getting no display image even if the PC appears to boot up normally - this happened 3 times in the last 2 years.) My PSU is an HEC 500W that I got about 3 years ago.

    Any thoughts on this?
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