What's the deal with USB 2.0 front panels

I don't get it, why do new cases feature so much usb 2.0 instead of switching to usb 3.0

take the "Obsidian Series® 800D/700D Front Panel USB 3.0 Upgrade Kit"
it has 2 usb 3.0 ports and 2 usb 3.0 ports AND included with that is an adapter cable to downgrade the 2 usb 3.0 cables to end in a mobo usb 2.0 header

or the newly released "Cooler Master Cosmos II" case which costs a whopping 350 euro, again 2 usb 3.0 ports and 4 usb 2.0 ports

why the hell don't manufacturers use all usb 3.0 in their front panels and simply provide usb 3.0 to usb 2.0 header adapters for the current generation of motherboards - this way the case would work just fine for now downgrading some of the 3.0 ports and be ready to go for future motherboards

in case of the 800d case... ok w/e its just 10/15 bucks for a new front panel upgrade kit, if they release an all-usb3.0 in a year then w/e, but the cosmos ii looks like the front usb is built into the case and not replacable, so why the hell do they do it -.-
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  1. Well even tho most devices are backwards compatible with USB 3.0, Some may either only support 2.0 or either not fully utilize the performance. Most 3.0 is for External drives or give it a "Boost" when you use certain dvices. I use a Wireless adapter for internet. and i get a better signal with 2.0 than 3.0
  2. I see where you are coming from and agree with you
    How many motherboards do you know of with more than 1 front USB3 header on it?
    Whereas just about all of them have 2 usb2 headers.
  3. well right now yes, i would not mind going with a usb2 pci solution in the back for that

    the logic just seems skewed, they adapt a 350 euro case which will easily hold an avg of 4 mobos to better suit the very first generation it's being used in
    on top of that the case only offers 3 expansion slots in the front so if you want more 3.0 connectivity with a card reader you are down to 2

    as much as i want to like that case for solid noise canceling and the ability to switch to liquid cooling in the future if i'd want to, at it's price the usb thing just really bugs me (they should at least have gone 4 usb3 and 2 usb2).. oh well
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