Is Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB comparable to high quality brands?

Is it comparable to brands like G.Skill and Corsair?

I was actually going to get the G.Skill Sniper 8GB but it sold out :(
If I get this one, I save $11 since I'm also buying an i5-3570K.

My mobo is the Asus P8Z77-V PRO if that makes a difference.
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  1. Crucial is owned by Micron and Micron is one of the best manufacturers. So when you buy Crucial you always get Micron made modules. With Corsair and GSkill you never know who the manufacturer is even with the same model numbers. You might get Micron, Hynex, Elpida, Powerchip even Samsung.

    Corsair and GSkill use high end modules, don't get me wrong but with Crucial you know exacty what you are getting.

    Here is a very incomplete list of modules by part number from different manufacturers if you are interested. It's the best list I have ever found though.
  2. Gahhh. Now Newegg has the CPU showing OOS :(

    Amazon has the Crucial RAM but it looks like a slightly different version:

    It looks exactly the same except that it is UDIMM??

    I'm using my computer for games and video editing so is this going to make a difference?
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    Both those kits are UDIMM. You need a server board to use RDIMM. I think they are the same kit. Newegg is slightly cheaper though.

    This is even cheaper and one of the best 8GB kits you can buy.
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