My computer won"t shut down on a restart....

Ok I got a Pentagron mobo.

Just updated to Phenomx4 975
Addded Ram
New graphics card.....

Why did after installing new processor my computer won't reboot.
It will however shut down and startup manually, but no reboot.

Is is a bios problem?
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  1. go into bios and select optimized defaults and see if that fixes it.
  2. ok that didn't work.....

    maybe I'll try to flash or update bios?
  3. new mobo? new chipset? you need a fresh install of windows.
  4. chinoroy said:
    new mobo? new chipset? you need a fresh install of windows.

    Not really. It should work perfectly without it if it works at all. And an issue like this wouldn't be caused by that – APCI is a standard, after all.
  5. the guy gave you the next step and you dismissed it... the hal layer may have changed to much to allow you to run windows properly. when you install the main components like a cpu or gfx card its always wise yo update the hal by repair installing windows. now if thats to much for you....
  6. Or in a certain startup settings dialog to check the box saying "Detect HAL". It is in System Configuration in Administrative tools.
  7. Ok Thanks guys! Thanks I'll try it when I get back into town. I have my Win 7 disk so I'll try to repair the hal. Thanks for the help folks!
  8. Try Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> System Configuration -> Boot tab -> Advanced options -> tick "Detect HAL" for the HAL. Seemed to work for me in the past (when changing from a P4 with HTT to what I've got now without a reinstall).
  9. No Go....I followed your would seem that Win 7 doesn't even have the option listed to tick "Detect HAL" and of course my computer has Win 7 Home Premium installed and I own Win 7 a system repair is not an option..... :(
    I might just try a new install but all my game data will be lost unless someone can help me with that. I do have a second HD installed if that is any help.
  10. On Win Vista, the option is the second of three together on the left of the dialog, with another option for the number of CPUs (cores) to use above it. Just in case you are missing it... I find it strange that it isn't there.
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