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Weird CPU Fan

Hey, i have a xigmatek CPU fan (4-pin) from a Xigmatek gaia, but when i plug it into my mobo, it doesnt work. I tried it on my 3-pin and it works. any ideas? i used the stock cooler on my cpu and the fan works. :/
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    does bios give a choice between pwm and other control methods?
  2. Check on their website to see if it is a PWM fan, or if the fourth wire is something else.
  3. The fan is a PWM fan. Any ideas :/
    I have 2 exhaust fans near the heatsink and HWmonitor reports my cpu temp <25 degrees celcius, if that information is relevent is finding the problem
  4. Can you specify the fan speed? What happens if you stress the CPU when the fan is on? It might simply be that the temperature is so low that it doesn't have it going (unlikely).
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