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[HD 5870] 3DMark 11 vs Windows Experience Index

I have recently RMAed my Shapphire HD 5870. When I got the replacement, I ran the Windows Experience Index, and it got around 7.8 for the graphics, but now it is only 6.4

I know that Windows Experience Index isn´t accurated as it should, but then why the changes? Does the Windows Experience Index get updated as new graphics card get into the marketplace, so that the new cards will be in the top, while the not so new, like the HD 5870, goes down?

I have also run the 3DMark 11 -- preset at Extreme and it got X1474

Graphics Score 1332 GT1 7.48
Physics score 6553 GT2 7.66
Combined Score 1606 GT3 6.48
GT4 3.48
PT 20.81
CT 7.47

Anyone familiar with these results?
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    Yes, I believe the WEI works exactly as you suggested. It may be top o the hill for a bit, but soon enough your hardware will look pretty mediocre. Just the nature of the business.

    Look at TOMS hierarchy chart here. As you can see there are a number of cards that are more powerful than the HD 5870, not surprising as it is a generation old.

    As for 3dmark, the nice thing about that is you can see how you rate against others with similar specs.
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