Windows 7 Slow. Will more RAM help ?

My computer specs:

Intel Core i3 3.06 GHZ
Intel HD graphics
2 GB DDR3 RAM ( 1.8 GB usable )
500 GB hard disk
450 WATT SuperComp PSU
Windows 7 32-bit

My computer becomes sluggish on start-up. It takes longer time to start than it used to some time back. When I check my Task Manger, it shows that around 800 MB under 'Available' in physical memory.

When my computer starts and I open chrome, it becomes really really slow for a while, after some time it becomes normal though.

So, my question is will getting more RAM rectify my problem ?

Help please. :)
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  1. windows 7 runs best with 4 gb for most cases. after that you need to look at the other parts of your computer and software issues
  2. And what do you think could be the issues ? I dont have too many startup services on.
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