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August 26, 2011 8:47:16 PM

Hye, i'm here again asking some doubts about some graphic cards, in the other topic a asked about the PNY - NVIDIA GeForce GT 545 1.5GB DDR3 and some people said it was good, now i'm surching for other cards as well and wonder what you think about:

VisionTek - ATI Radeon HD 5670 2GB DDR3


EVGA - GeForce GT 430 1GB GDDR3

Both cards needs 300W power supply and that's what i have, here is the pic of my power supply:

i was searching the galaxys cards too but it's nedded intel core i7 3.2ghz, and my cpu is Core 2 Duo 2.9 ghz, with 4gb, so...gues not, hehe

Uhm,,,my monitor is an HP w1907 with 1,440x900 resolution recommended,

i want a card that run Need for speedss and baseball 2k..
what you think it's the best, help me with this huuuuge doubt,if I can settle for less than 100 i would like, ehehe
thanks for the patience =D

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a b U Graphics card
August 26, 2011 8:59:00 PM

Your output is 300w max. I wouldn't try going over it because the oem doesn't seem reliable. I would go with the gt 430 unless you want eyefinity [hooking up multiple monitiors] then the 5670 isn't a bad choice. I think the 5670 needs at least 400W. Make sure you check it again and that its for system power consumption. I don't want you messing up your system now.
August 26, 2011 9:08:04 PM

First, thaks for your aswner wintermint
In the site of visiontek:

That 5670 card says that's need: 300 Watt or greater power supply recommended (400 Watt for ATI CrossFireX™ technology in dual mode), that 400 is for 2 monitos right?, if it's not i'm sorry, i'm learning now this things about graphic cards, at the beginning i would buy a card that needs 450W, imagine, i would burn my motherboard, hahahahaha,

So, with thats 300 of 5670, what you think, the 430 ge force or the 5670?

thanks again
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a b U Graphics card
August 26, 2011 9:20:14 PM

Definitely between the Gt430 and the HD 5670 pick the HD 5670
at the $70 US price point the HD 5670 is Toms pick
also there is the HD 6670 which is about a $100 or less
it is essentially the same card in alot of way
the HD 6670 is about %15 faster
depends if you want to spend the extra 30
the HD 6670 would give you newer features also

I run a HD 5670 in a Dell Optiplex 745 with a Core 2 Duo 2.93 ghz
works great
here is the card playing Crysis 2 at 1920x1080 DX9 at Hardcore settings

also look at Toms GPU hierarchy chart
Toms is usually pretty good with the chart

if you look the 430 is WAY below the HD 5670 in performance
the 545 would be an equal to the HD 5670 and a better option if you want

I run the HD 5670 OCd heavily with a Core2Duo E4500 OCd along with a Raptor 10k rpm drive DVDrw Asus Xonar soundcard and a ATI Theater Pro 550 tv tuner plus
a usb powered Verbatim 320gb external with no problems on a
Dell 280w continous max psu

do be careful
try reading the side of your power supply
they usually list specs
see what the amperage is on the 12v power
and let us know

but I feel safe in saying the HD 5670 will work
but go for the GDDR5 512mb version and not 2gb DDR3
DDR3 is slower and the card will not take advantage of the extra memory anyway
it will help more to have less of GDDR5 memory than more of DDR3
has to do with how fast the data goes in and out of the graphics CPU (memory bandwidth)
a b U Graphics card
August 26, 2011 9:22:40 PM

crossfire is for adding another graphic card. Crossfire = 2 graphic cards [usually]. In that case, I would go with the 5670 for eyefinity and directx11. The nVIDIA 430 does have better drive support though. I think you will find better gaming performance with the HD 5670 though.

You will see a big difference between the HD 5670 and GT 430.
August 26, 2011 11:59:36 PM

thanks for all the answers!! =DDD
i'd buy first the PNY - NVIDIA GeForce GT 545 1.5GB DDR3 but i'm not seeying too many people talking about her, so, i guess i will stay with the Ati as well, =D

*king smp*, the 512 mb i'ts better than de 2gb??uhm...i really don't understand very much about this graphics, ehehe

if you could give me another good tip with good cards for me i would really appreciate, it doesn't need to be Ati....can be ge force or another else...i was looking for galaxy but it needed core i7 and mine is core 2 duo with i think i'm limited... thats i chosed the 5670....

ohh, another question...all this cards i'm seeing in sites like best buy and B&H, what place else is good? i'll fly to NY next month and i just know this 2 stores but i think that best buy is a little expensive, so...another advice?ehehehe

thank you verrrryyyy much for the patience again! \o/
a b U Graphics card
August 27, 2011 12:33:52 AM

you would want to go to Microcenter in Yonkers or Westbury

they will have better choices and prices than Best Buy

the 545 is alot more expensive than a HD 5670
in microcenter it is about 140

while a HD 5670 or HD 6670 is much cheaper for same performance

so if you really like Nvidia then you would be paying extra and at that price
at that price you could get this card

a GTX 460 would DESTROY any card we have mentioned on this post
you would need a PSU upgrade though
something about $50 would do it

Me personally I like Nvidia or ATI
no particular preference
whatever performs better for the money
or has the features I want (CUDA vs ATI Stream,Eyefinity vs 3D vision etc)

dont let the Fanbois on here or other forums influence you

I have had MANY ati and nvidia cards
and have not developed any particular preference

right now I have been going with ATI
just do to being cheaper for the performance at this point
but I am thinking of switching over to Nvidia because
of their CUDA technology being more widely used

as far as CPU minimum specs dont pay attention to that
GPU dont need certain CPUs to run
the only thing that can happen is the CPU is too slow for the card
and causes a bottleneck
and with a 2.93 Core 2 Duo and these cards (HD 5670/HD 6670 or 545 or 240 etc)
the 2.93 C2D wont be a bottleneck

if you went with a higher end card like a GTX 580 or HD 6970 then it would
but these cards we are talking about are fine

August 27, 2011 1:57:42 AM

thanks *king smp*

you think that 545 is better than de hd5670?
i have no prefference on cards, in truth, this is the first time i'm buying it, ehehe, i couldn't imagine that exists this things about power supply etc XDD, so, nvidia, ati...for me, i really don't

the 545 that i was talking about was that: geforce&cp=1&lp=6

these other cards that you were talking needs more than 300 =[...the 5670 i was saying is from Visiontek:

For beeing honest i'm fan of need for speed and baseball 2k,, as i have no graphic cards on my computer right now i can only play the "most wanted" and i really want to play the Shift 2 and the new "the Road", for this reason and for get the pc more faster i want the card...

So.. what you think...that ge force 545 or Ati 5670?
and do you think that Ati can handle the NFS and Baseball?

A big thanks for your patience once again =]
a b U Graphics card
August 27, 2011 2:19:14 AM

I have a HD 5670 and I am very happy with that
Do realize in the world of video cards it is a low powered gaming card
and a high end multimedia card
It can handle most games at hgher settings at 1680x1050 or lower
and can handle most games at 1920x1080 with medium to high settings
but I have no experience with NFS or Baseball
I have run NFS Carbon at highest settings at 1920x1080 easily but that is older game

really with your PSU wattage I would stick with HD 5670/HD 6670 myself
August 27, 2011 3:13:16 AM

uhm, thanks thanks

i was searching some 5670 and only with 300 is the visiontek, and the 6670 card needs 400...
Guess i will stay with the 5670, but just to get sure...400w of this card is for 2 cards...and 300W is just for 1 card right?

And between the PNY 545 and ATI hd 5670, the best is ati right?XD

Thank you very much for your support and your patience, i will not search anymore for i don't have anymore doubts, ehehehe, thanks

a b U Graphics card
August 27, 2011 3:18:44 AM

dont worry
Nvidia and ATI exaggerate their power usage (wattage)
I have heard of the HD 5670 running on 250w PSUs
and the HD 6670 is about the same power usage

as long as you are not running many hard drives and multiple DVDrws etc
you should be fine with either
a b U Graphics card
August 27, 2011 3:19:27 AM

the 545 and the HD 5670/6670 are equals
the 545 is newer and more expensive
August 27, 2011 3:33:10 AM

really about the power??...i was seeying now..the 6670 needs 370W and is more cheap than the hd5670: hd 6670&cp=1&lp=2

so if i just play the game i will not have problems? and if i just watch a movie and i dont know...convert a dvd, i will not have a problem?

as i'm seeing the 6670 is better than 5670 here:

The only thing i'm affraid is about the power supply, ehhehehe, one of that two i ill buy!!!

August 27, 2011 3:42:55 AM

wow, one last question, i was watching on youtube about overlocking....what is that???O_O, that is good? not finding the video rgiht now but when i do ill put here, thanks once again
a b U Graphics card
August 27, 2011 4:22:05 AM

this is a better review/benchmark
as you can see the HD 6670 is a tiny bit better but not by much
only a few Frames Per Second better
if money is tight then just go for the HD 5670
but if you can afford the HD 6670 than buy it

really dont worry too much about PSU with these cards
the Bestec supplies dont have the best reputation but if you are
running the computer (Emachine or HP?) stock without additional
DVDs and PCI cards or Hard Drives than you should be fine

I would recommend a PSU upgrade in the future if possible
decent ones can be found for about 40-50 and they are pretty easy to replace
usually just four screws and just matching up the plugs

Do realize with any upgrade you are always taking a chance in some way
whether it is compatibility,power needs etc

the HD 5670 draws 64 watts max according to AMD website
so adding in a CPU dvd hard drive would put it at about 200 watts or so
remembering it is rare to hit full load with normal usage
but really dont want to ever run more than 60-70 percent of your PSU rating
if possible
so you are pushing it a little
if you are planning ot keep the tower for awhile then consider PSU upgrade just
to be safe
August 27, 2011 5:13:33 AM

In best buy the Hd 6670 is more cheap than the 5670

look here:

and 5670:

i have a HP Pavillion p6220:

i will just buy this card and is really good, ehehe, nothing more, i already have dvd, but can i see it right?eehhe
so i can run my games here is the 6670 whithout worries ?=D
the 5670 i know i can but this 6670.......ehehehehehe
sorry ask this again and again and again,

thanks again *_*
a b U Graphics card
August 27, 2011 5:38:31 AM

Well there is the problem if your PCIe slot is 1.0,1.1 or 2.0
I have to look up that model to know
if it is PCIe 1.0 that some 2.1 cards dont want to work
I will check on it and get back to you
a b U Graphics card
August 27, 2011 6:05:06 AM

"ohh, another question...all this cards i'm seeing in sites like best buy and B&H, what place else is good? i'll fly to NY next month and i just know this 2 stores but i think that best buy is a little expensive, so...another advice?ehehehe
quote OP

i do not think that Newegg is an option but I could be wrong

If Newegg is an option then mouse24 is a 100 percent right

wa-aay cheaper than bestbuy or microcenter
a b U Graphics card
August 27, 2011 6:15:38 AM

If you buy in NYC, the sales tax is 8.875%
August 27, 2011 4:14:25 PM

Thanks for the tips guys, i said best buy 'cause maybe i can't buy from internet so..

that tax i will have to pay even buying on internet or no?

And *king smp*, can i see anywhere here something about that slot, in motherboard maybe? tell me for i can help too =)

Have no words to thank you enough for your help =D
a b U Graphics card
August 27, 2011 4:32:39 PM

well I did some digging
I cant find out exactly what PCIe version
BUT since the mobo supports 1333mhz FSB that means it is usually
new enough to be at least PCIe 1.1
I checked on HP support
I couldnt find any BIOS updates
just in case you need to know

I run a 2.1 card in a 1.0a slot
your computer is newer than mine
so you should be okay
August 27, 2011 5:04:20 PM

*king smp* that motherboard is a little bit different than is mine (the green one, ehe)

the specifications are bit different too.. like the chipset of that blue is
Intel G43 Express.....and mine green is Intel G31 Express .....sorry the site of mine is in portuguese but i think you can understand

That 2.1 are from 6670 and 5670?
i found the 2.1 (5670) in the visiontek site but nothing about the 6670

ahm...can i make a litlle DUH! question?eehehehhe
now you can laugh, XD
where do i put that card? the white or black slot?eeehehehhehe

big huge
a b U Graphics card
August 27, 2011 5:16:47 PM

going into the black slot with the white plastic clip or holder

is this your tower?

that little BR at the end makes a difference LOL

I ran across the G31 Express
on another thread regarding compatibility

from what I can find out
PCIE 2.1 might or might not work

It is supposed to but doesnt always work
the best way to find out it to buy the 2.1 card
and just try it
make sure you have a good return policy,receipt, original box and materials
and try it as soon as possible then return for a 2.0 card if it doesnt work

If you want to be on the safe side
then get an Nvidia GT240 GDDR5 model
that is a 2.0 card and will work
it is close in performance to a HD 5670

Best solution

a b U Graphics card
August 27, 2011 6:24:33 PM

that 4440 is listed as 2.0 and if that is true it is a good option
though I think for the money a 240 DDR5 is a better deal

I know that the ATI HD 5xxx cards sometimes are listed as 2.0 though
they are really 2.1s

I am not sure if that happens with the Nvidia GT 4xx series

I think that the 240 DDR5 is your safest choice for compatiblity
also good price vs performance in this price range

but like I said I have a 2.1 in a 1.0 slot
you really dont know until you try it

the HD 6xxx are all 2.1s
August 27, 2011 11:19:00 PM

Thanks *king smp*

well, if the 370W from HD 6670 is not a problem for me (300w), i think i will try, after a buy i'll let you know, big thanks for your support and patience =D
August 27, 2011 11:25:09 PM

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a b U Graphics card
August 27, 2011 11:39:13 PM

Thank you for selecting me as best answer
PM me and let me know how you did
a c 333 U Graphics card
August 28, 2011 1:49:03 PM

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