MOBO for i3 2120


What will be my best mobo choice for intel i3-2120

System will hold 8GB ram and a basic GForce EN210 (1GB). I wont be using RAID,NO Overclocking and this will be used in Office.

Board should be durable in such a way that it will run at-least 10hrs a day. Please suggest me the Chipset and Make of a Motherboard

Budget not more than 90$ (4.5k Indian Rs.)

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  1. thank you friends

    i hope these MB will run well for 10hrs daily.

    If i dont need more options, how is the intel DH61WW mobo? it is what very easily available to me in local market

  2. No. Intel Mobos aren't that good. However, they aren't so bad, but the Gigabyte/ASUS/MSI mobos have a better build than Intel ones.
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