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So I have the NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT. I have a mid-tower case with one 120mm intake fan in the front, one 120mm outtake fan in the rear, and another intake fan on the side panel. That's all the fans the case can accept, and I don't know why there's only three fan spots, there should be 4 for even cooling, right?

Anyway, it runs at about 75C regularly, and when I play games it runs at like 85C+. Is that bad? Should it be a little lower? I mean, it seems like all these fans are hardly making a difference.

Also, when I play games they usually seem to stutter here and there. It's random. Sometimes it'll stutter for half a second every 2 minutes, and other times it will stutter for up to 2 seconds every 15 seconds...

The games I play are Duke Nukem Forever and Team Fortress 2.

Yes, I have all the latest drivers, I've scanned for malware, I've cleaned out all of the dust in my PC, and so forth. It seems like I've tried everything, and none of these solutions are helpful at all. It seems other people over the internet have this same problem as well.

What I mean by "stutter" is "freeze". The game will freeze here and there.

Help, thanks.
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  1. yes 85c is hot, they are rated into the 90's but i wouldnt be happy running a card in the high 80's. what speed is your graphics card fan running at ? first thing you should do is turn the speed on your 9800 fan up. if you dont know how to do this, download a tool such as "msi afterburner". once the fan is turned up report back to let us know if this helped
  2. Thanks so much, I tried the program and I love it all ready, the fan speed was at like 20, and I raised it up to about 85. It's regular temp is at about 65C, so it went down by 10C. Thanks so much!

    But one question, what does the memory clock do? Mine is set at like 900, and it says I can go higher, I raised it to 1000, what does the memory clock do exactly? o_o
  3. lol glad you're happy. as you can imagine 20 is way too low when the card is 80c. those settings you can adjust are overclocking the speed of your card. i would not alter them if you are experiencing other grapihcal issues you mentioned. if reducing the heat has fixed your graphical issues, google overclocking your card and do some reading up on it first, otherwise keep it at stock would be my best adivce as if you overclock it too much you can damage your card.
  4. I have the same card and experiencing the same problems like yours.

    Don't overclock(change memory clocks) 9800GT it will produce a large amount of heat and it is the only card that will let you play games smoothly at even factory settings with a pretty decent resolution mode and every modern game like BF3,MW3,etc without any hinderence.

    Increase the speed of fan to maximum while playing because when the card starts overheating it will always cause a effect on your game as it will give a shuttering (is like warning:- that you need to get your card cool) as a hinderence.

    Recommendation:-Get a new cooler instead of reference cooler if you don't get the sufficient cooling for your card.
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