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January 25, 2012 9:00:52 PM

Im currently building a new pc and im trying to keep it under the 1200 dollar range including a new monitor that im picking up at 109.00.....

Currently looking at two processors on new egg which i will put below the new amd fx quad core or a amd phenom II six core. I will be running it with a gtx 560ti graphic card and I will be using the set up for swtor gaming. Which pc would you take and why? thanks


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January 25, 2012 9:21:16 PM

personally I wouldn't get either. An intel i5 2400 will fit into your budget and perform a lot better. you can easily fit a i5 2400 with a h67 mb for $350, $50 for ram, $80 for psu, $60 for case, $100 for hdd and $150 for an ssd. come to 760, and enough for you to buy the 560 ti with money left over.

if you plan on sticking with AMD, I would choose the phenom II 960t over any of the FXs. If you want more cores for rendering or video editing, then I would recommend the 1090t. you don't need the 6 core for gaming tho since it doesn't off any more performance.
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January 25, 2012 9:26:24 PM

Im not sold on amd only and in fact i would love to fit an i5 2500k in my build guess I just need to do some more shopping to see what i can get to squeeze in at that price range
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January 25, 2012 9:34:10 PM

should be easy to fit a 2500k in your build.
you can ask in the system builder forum for help if needed.

$20-dvd drive
$110- window 7


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January 25, 2012 9:41:34 PM

I agree with neither.

Most games will use only two or perhaps three cores, making the 6 core amd chips not very good. The bulldozer wuad has also been disappointing for gamers.
The X6 is better used in highly threaded apps.
Intel sandy bridge is much more efficient on a clock for clock basis and should be a better pick for gaming.
Read this articlle on <$200 gaming cpu's. It used a GTX480 as the graphics card which is comparable to the GTX560ti which you are considering.
If you live near a microcenter, they will sell you a 2500K for $180