3 monitor Eyefinity or just a Big Monitor?

What's best for playing games, a large monitor or a 3 monitor eyefinity setup?

I guess Im just trying to find out do you really see more of the game map out of three monitors or 1 monitor?

Is it the same scene just strecthed out over three monitors or do you actually get more graphics, rooms, walls, etc to look at using eyefinity?
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  1. Depends on what size you're talking about. For example, if you're thinking 3x 21.5 inch HD monitors vs. a 27 inch HD monitor, you'd have 3 times the pixels with a 3-monitor setup. Also, it depends on your graphics card. If you're going to try playing games on a 3-monitor setup in 1080p, you're going to need a pretty good card or two; say crossfire 6950 or 6970 or just one 6990.
    I personally am probably going with one 27" monitor so I get a better framerate. I guess it's really personal preference. Hope I helped.
  2. crossfire hd6970 2 gb with 3 23" acer led monitors...
  3. For a 120 bucks more I can get 3 25" lcd monitors that look amazing but the belvels are a bit large for this type of set up.

    I have a 50 sony lcd tv that I was considering using instead of buying the monitors. It just looks like you see more graphics on the eyefinty set up than you do on just one screne.
  4. If you play FPS, then go with a triple monitor setup, if you play rpg, then go with a larger, single monitor. WoW heads like singles, as i am one, and FPS love the 3 screen setup for increased vision in the game.
  5. definitely go with a tri monitor setup. they are amazing because you can see so much more.
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    Eyefinity set up for sure.

    [Edit] To answer your initial queries, it depends on the game. Some games, such as BFBC2, TF2, JC2, Crysis, BF3, F1-2010/2011... enable you to see 'more' of the game world, just like extra widescreen. And others such as Mirrors Edge (Hack), Assassins Creed 2.... simply enlarge the image, not so that it appears stretched but I guess it is effectively stretched across all three screens such that you loose some at the top and bottom. So unfortunately there is no direct answer it simply depends on the game. The AMD website has a list of validated eyefinity games, although don't be bounded by this list, there are many more that work perfectly fine, the best resource is probably
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