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Aftermarket cooler for I3 or I5

I'm in the process of building a new home computer and I wanted to buy a new aftermarket fan/heatsink. I know the Hyper 212 is probably mentioned the most here the problem is the Hyper 212 won't fit in this case. The Hyper 212 is just to tall. So is there any other good slightly smaller fan/heatsinks that fit around that same price range (25-50 dollars)? This is what I was looking at. A 90mm should fit but I don't really know much about Artic Cooling heatsinks.
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  1. I have a Core i3 2100 that I put my 'old' Corsair H50 hydro on and it keeps idle temps at about 26C. Unless you're dead set on air, hydro might be a great alternative.
  2. I really don't think water cooling is worth it for this computer. It's only an office computer and will probably be running at stock speeds. I wanted an aftermarket fan/heatsink because it will be doing a lot of work and running 24/7.
  3. Running at stock speeds and only doing 'office' work, I can't imagine the temps being something to worry about, unless there will be LAN parties after hours :)
  4. I guess but I really hate the stock Intel heatsink and fan. Also with the way it's going to be setup heat might be a problem. It will be in a corner under the desk so that it won't get the greatest airflow.
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    Spend a bit more for your dad and get him a quieter pc :)
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