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A10 4600m Laptop Memory

November 26, 2012 11:53:23 AM

I recently purchased a lenovo z585 with an A10 4600m and 6gb of RAM. The laptop has 2 RAM slots and it came with 1 4gb stick and 1 2gb stick by default. I checked CPUz recently and I believe the CAS latency was 10 on each unit (not positive).

My question is, will an upgrade to 8gb or 16gb of lower latency/higher frequency RAM be worth it? Also, am I even running in a dual channel configuration with both sticks being different capacities?

I will be doing light gaming (sc2/d3/mmos) and general multitasking. I grabbed a 128gb vertex 4 for $75 the other day and will be putting that in with a fresh copy of windows 7 64 bit when it comes in.