Hitachi warranty people giving me trouble

I read somewhere, although I'm very unsure now, that the CML174 has a 0 dead pixel warranty. May be not for a lifetime but along the lines of the first 30 days or so? I was so sure I read it somewhere :(

After searching the forum I realize now that the warranty may vary from vendor to vendor.

Anyway, as the subject says, they're giving me trouble now. Here's the situation...
- It’s under a third party warranty, which means I don’t annoy vendor but a different company that handle the warranty.
- I bought it late last January and found a dead pixel. I called for a replacement the next day. It was easy and quick.
- Today I received the replacement (March!) and found a dead pixel on this one as well :(
- Now they're giving me the "LCD technology" explanation that dead pixels is a limitation for LCD’s and the warranty is for 10 dead pixels (cant remember exactly how many but you get the picture).
- I asked them double check all their polices, spoke to the supervisor, etc

A key thing I haven’t mentioned yet is that I actually called them before I purchased the monitor back in January to discuss their policies. Back then they said the CML174 should be perfect with no defects at all and that I would have 30 days to exchange it if there was.

I realize they have different workers there etc. and that the supervisors may have different information. So it could be that the supervisor there today is truly uninformed, but if that were true then its really bad management.

Anyway after a long talk, they will replace the monitor for the reason that I was told it should be defect free within the first 30 days. It’s good news but they also said it’s the last time and no more! Man can they do that… any fellow Australians know?

What I really want to know is, did Hitachi themselves say 0 dead pixels? Because I cant seem to find it now.

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  1. hello guru,
    well, i think that hitachi warranty was for 0 dead pixels and 5 dead subpixels. maybe you had 1 dead subpixel. dead pixel would be very odd, 'cos that'd mean the three subpixels in the same pixel are dead.
    anyway, i had my monitor with 3 dead subpixels. hitachi told me there was nothing to do, as it was not covered by the warranty. after a lot of phone calls, and because it was less than one week that i bought it, they finally agreed. now i'm waiting for them to get stock and send me a new one.
  2. Hi kyuss,
    You got me thinking a bit and I think I've misunderstood what a dead pixel is. The pixel would be dead if on all colors it remains black right?

    I had been thinking that if the pixel didn't show the correct color on ANY color then it's dead. In fact what I see is that it does show a color but just not the right one => dead subpixel right?

    I think I got it now =P

  3. Oh thats crap. They make it sound like it covers any type of pixel problem. Sod this sh*ite, roll on Plasma Monitors :D
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