Nvidia 260 wont be read

I just upgraded to win 7. I then upgraded my Nvidia 260 graphics card driver. It says that the drivers are uptodate but the device manger says theirs a problem Any help? I cant play any games. Thanks.
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  1. Did you dowload the driver from the nVidia site?
  2. Yea of course...
  3. Uninstall the current driver and install the driver of the CD that comes with your GPU.
  4. I tried that and the ones on the disk are only for vista and then i tried to download the ones from the site and it said no hardware compatible
  5. You can use the Vista driver on win 7.
  6. It doesnt let me though
  7. Now under device manager its not even listed
  8. ^Ok, send me a PM with your e-mail. Or tell me and a send you my msn for add me and i give you the driver. I have win 7 x64 and a GTX260 too.
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