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Is there anyway to know that how many best answers a user has given in the profile? If no, then could this feature be added in the near future?
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  1. Other than counting manually, there's not currently a way to track your best answers.
  2. I would love to see this feature added to the forum! :(
  3. You aren't the only one who's asked for it. Hopefully it's in the works.
  4. Yes thread here about this. I did not see it when i created my thread! Looks like its a common demand! :)
  5. We want a best answer tracker!!!!! :sol:
  6. It's coming.
  7. I can see it in my profile.
    Of course it is wrong, but there.
    I just emptied my mailbox that contained several.
    Today I looked at my profile and now have 2.

    Does this go as many other things that must be done monthly to earn any points?
    If so, screw it.
    It seems to be that I get hosed monthly for rewards.
    Why bother?
    TSF is looking better all of the time and they offer no rewards.
  8. It's not a monthly thing (aside from news comments, post reporting, etc...) and the profile page is still being worked on.
  9. Well I checked my profile today and found that I have one best question in the Electronics section! When in the hell did i post there?? :p
    If i did, i must have forgot. I have many best answers in the Graphics, CPU and Motherboard sections. They are not reflecting anything right now! Weird!!! :pt1cable:
  10. Hi,

    Like Viper said, the system is being worked on. Rest assured it is coming and the bugs will be worked out soon.

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