WIll this EVGA board work for me?

HEY TH community so since with cyber Monday and all im looking to upgrade my motherboard. To make a long story short i bought a 2nd video card but my current board cant handle SLI :sweat: so time to upgrade.

SO these are the 2 boards im looking at since they are all i can find at reasanoble prices


this one really appeals to me, as one of the reviews said, its half a Benjamin. i know is a old gen board but it does what i need.

the other is this one

same deal but with another PCI express 2.0

some of the things i was reading though where saying you need a 2.2v power supply and im not sure what they meant by that. Apparently these boards dont like to play nice with some other toys, i dont think ill have much of an issue since im an intel/evga fan boy :love: , Guilty as charged.

Here are my specs.
2x GTX 480's
8Gb DDR3 (dot relevant but added it any way)
I7 2600k sandy bridge 3.4Ghz
kingwin mach 1 1000w PSU

from what i can see i should be ok to run this board but a second input into this would be just super duper.

Thank you for taking the time to read though this, happy holidays and shopping :p
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  1. Go for the cheaper p67; neither board will have ivy bridge support if you plan on upgrading later, but the 2600K will last for years. EVGA didn't provide an ivy bridge bios update for some of it's boards; hence the low price.
  2. by 2.2v psu they mean newer power supplies (which you have its a 1k psu)
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