Budget gaming build (final configuration check)

I'm upgrading from an old p4 to a budget gaming pc. After checking availability and price in my country (Nepal), i've decided on the following build. Would this be able to handle all the upcoming games like BF3, Arkham City, RAGE, etc. at high settings at 1600x900 resolution?

My new rig will not be bought online as online hardware stores are unavailable in my country. the links below are for reference.

1. Intel core i5 2400 CPU

2. MSI H67 motherboard

3. MSI Geforce GTX 550 ti graphics card

4. ADATA DDR3 RAM 4 gb

After including Case, PSU and Harddrive (everything except monitor) this build amounts to about $550 (yes prices are high in my country :( )
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  1. drop the 2400 to an i3-2100 so you you can get a better graphics card in there. The 550 ti is very weak. I would look at a 6850, it will max out games at 1600x900.
  2. Your card is not optimum. Go for a bigger 560 GTX. Or a 460 GTX will also do the trick if that is what you cant find around your place.

    Also check if you PSU can give enough power.
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