Noise/heat in various GTX 560 Ti models

Does anyone have firsthand experience with the noise and heat between various GTX 560 Ti models, particularly ASUS, EVGA and MSI? If so, what's your impression?

The MSI is supposed to be a good deal better in the cooling department, and EVGA's runs a bit hotter (maybe more than a GTX 570), but how much does it really matter?

I've been reading conflicting reports on noise, too; many Newegg reviews say the EVGA's fan is terrible, but some professional reviews/benchmarks say it's no louder than other versions. I'd prefer a quieter card.
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  1. I'm in the US and some much-talked about hurricane is wrecking internet access, so I'm just bumping this in the hope of getting a reply and being able to check it sometime.

    From the research I was able to do beforehand (aka Newegg reviews), MSI build quality has been going way down with their 560 Ti model lately, and people complain about noise on the ASUS board a lot less than they do with EVGA.
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