Biostar a880g+ @3.4ghz

Hello, i have been reading about how bad my motherboard is being a phase 3+1. so i set my core voltage @ 1.35 and set multiplier @ 17.5 in bios on my phenom II 955. i am using the balanced power plan in windows 7 for less stress on my system with sleep off. is this mild overclock really hurting anything?
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  1. By the way my cpu is running really cool on my arctic freezer 7 pro..30c idle and 49c load. motherboard also stays @ about same. sitting in an Antec 300 case full of fans. Also running an Asus 550ti. Zero problems running latest games...
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    What power output us your PSU? Best to be about 700 watts considering the extra fans.
  3. Rosewill 630 watt "chrome" colored one. Might not be the best choice. Been running this psu for 4 years now. it used to power an amd 6400@ 3.2ghz. i miss my Asus m2n sli deluxe. both went to my daughter's rig. i have never got a good overclock on my 6400 either power supply might have been to blame on that. i will def not push anything on this biostar board even my 1333 ram is running below specs on timings. 9-9-9-24. my gskills are native @ 8-8-8-24. probably little difference anyway. Don't want want it to catch on fire! by the way this is one of the greener of any
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