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my motherboard(P5K-VM) somtimes detects sometimes not detects the SATA hard disk so i am unable to install os on it? any1 knows wat is the problem n its solution? ****************
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  1. I had a similar issue with that on an old build that was a few years old. Turned out the hard drive was at fault. Anyways don't think you should display your email out in the open :lol:

    Also try switching up the sata ports on the motherboard, try another one and see if it is recognized.
  2. s not the hard disk problem as i hav brought a new 1 n tested on it n got d same result, also i hav done d latest bios flash but even tat has not solved d problem for me, moreover i have tried changing all d 4 ports of motheboard but yeilds the same result, sometimes hard disk got detected sometimes not.....dont know wat is the issue..........somebody pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee helpppppppppppppppp fastttttttttttttttttttttttttt :-(
  3. Have you tried another sata cable? Could be damaged...
  4. yes i hav tried tat hdd new sata cable etc :(
    wat may b problem now?
  5. I would now say it probably is a problem with the motherboard slots for the sata ports. Any debris or anything bent in those slots?
  6. Chgeck the BIOS and see if there is a setting for IDE / AHCI for the hdd. Set it at AHCI for SATA hdd, the IDE mode is for the older drives. If there is no option for AHCI then you will have to stay with IDE (slow boot and performance with SATA) but it will still allow you to install an OS, just make the instal drive as PRimary (CD or USB boot).

    You will see a message during boot that "hard drive is missing or cannot be found", this is because you have it set to IDE mode and the hdd is SATA, it will still boot, though.

    After install, set the bios Primary drive to the hdd. Sometimes some PC's don't want the CD/DVD drive as primary and boot will not initiate.

    You cannot change IDE / AHCI mode after install.
  7. thanks a lottt tenpc by mistake i have done the same n pc started working properly ;)
    thanks again
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