Help building budget piece meal gaming pc.

I just inherited a decent cpu from my sons recent rebuild, His Mobo died and rather than replace an lga775, we went all out w/2600k &Z68 mobo. This leaves me with his Core™2 Quad Processor Q9550 2.83GHz wich is way better than my existing 1.8 in an old Gateway. I have 2 options. First just replace cpu with exsiting as they are both lga775. However my mobo is crap and allows for no OC. ELITEGROUP 945GCT-M3. Mostly though it is ddr2 w/4g max. I am considering taking his cpu and building a new system (on the cheap) that will be upgradable for future use. Understanding that new mobo and cpu will be needed in the future. I would like to find a decent case and most importantly for now a mobo that will support 8g of ram, psu as mine is not adequate for a new gpu. I also inherited his GeForce 9800 but this is probably way outdated as well. Any help would be appreciated esp with the mobo as i get lost with anything beyond the basics.
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    Money spent on older mb's might not be cost effective but

    GIGABYTE GA-G41MT-USB3 LGA 775 $50 [ after rebate ]

    Amazingly this has USB3 so its been made fairly recently and is not just old stock . The G41 chipset is decent enough too , and you may find the onboard graphics useful [ like when the 8800gt blow up ! ] . Dont be put off by it being m-ATX unless you have 5 expansion cards you want to use .

    Patriot Signature 8GB (2 x 4GB) $35 [after rebate ]
    Is faster and lower voltage than the mb would have originally supported so it wont run at its top speed without some overclocking . But when you do build your next system you should be able to reuse it

    Without knowing what kind of graphics card you might one day use a PSU is only a guess . For now a good quality 450 -500 watt unit should do and let you upgrade graphics to a very decent card later on . 650 watt would be overkill but could pay off eventually .

    As for cases . Check out Newegg . IMO Antec, silverstone, coolermaster make decent products for a range of uses
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