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Need help buying a graphics card

i would like a graphics card that would play crysis on at least medium, trying to compare it to battlefeild 3. i need to buy a new graphics card though, i have ddr2 pci express vid card with over 6gb of ram and 300gb hard drive, in otherwords i have all requirements for a game like crysis but i need a video card, what should i buy thats affordable?
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  1. whats your current video card and what is your budget
  2. my current is a intel g33/31 express chipset and my budget is 100 bucks but if that cant be made then the cheapest one thats high enough performance
  3. What resolution are you playing at? Because for $100 for a decent gpu for crisi at medium settings your res will need to be belo 1080p.

    Heres the best offers in your range.
  4. i have a 24" 1080p 1920x1200 monitor, i also noticed some of those arent DDR2, but if im making a mistake please correct me if i can use GDDR5 im not a computer geek, so this is all new to me.
  5. $100 is what i would like to cap at, but i can go over if necessary
  6. what card would be the highest performance out of the list?
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