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3930K availability.

I'm building a rig asap. The plan was to go with the 3930K and upgrade to Ivy Bridge-E eventually. I'm having a lot of trouble finding a 3930K though. I want to have the parts next week at the latest. US market.

The unavailability is pretty discouraging and I'm contemplating switching to the 2500K and a LGA 1155 board, then upgrading as soon as IB comes out.

What do you think about the availability problems? I heard about shipments coming in around the 20th does anyone know first hand about that?
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    If you're holding your breath, I wouldn't. Even if retailers do end up with a handful of these chips they're still going to be gone in short order as most sites have sold units they didn't have and now have backlogs to fill.

    The 3820 is supposed to ship Feb 13th, that might relieve some of the demand for the 3930k assuming it's shipped in bulk (which I doubt).

    Your best bet is to setup an email alert with a retailer like Newegg that only sells what it stocks, and then hope you can beat the other x number of people that have done the same.

    The 2500K really isn't a viable alternative to a 6c/12t processor. At the very minimum you should be considering the 2600K which is 4c/8t. Even then making the move to 1155 is one that I'd personally be very dissatisfied with after looking at 2011.
  2. World-wide shortage :(
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