I have the following...

Phenom II x4 955 125w
Gigabyte 880GM UD2H
8gb Mushkin ddr3 (2x4gb)
Antec 300 case
1tb hdd
6770 XFX gpu

I need a power supply that will run them all together, and I've worked out I need at least a 500w, so probably a 550+ will do

I need the cheapest available, so far we're talking 65 quid incl postage for an OCZ 650w

Seriously.. help.. link me to the cheapest but they HAVE to be branded, I have an unbranded 80+ 650w PSU and it's nowhere near powerful enough!


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  1. This will serve you pretty well even if you upgraded to a HD 6850/70
  2. ilysaml said:
    This will serve you pretty well even if you upgraded to a HD 6850/70

    Can't ship that to the UK tho :(
  3. ahh sorry i forgot, do you have any site preference in the UK ?
  4. Well.. thing is the PSU I got from Aria means when I send it back to them to get my refund, they'll only give me a credit for their store.


    But still.. I am more than certain I'll be able to get it somewhere else, be it ocuk, ebuyer or the like. I tried all of them and also amazon and ebay and I would rather buy new with a warranty than second hand with the likelyhood that someone else is selling theirs because they had the same problems I did.. eg black screening, or the vertical green lines, accompanied by a strange buzzing sound from the speakers.

    Not cool :(
  5. any one of the 2 above is great, never go cheap on PSUs..they could fire out all your system if it's not a branded and efficient one
    and i see the Corsair is pretty cheap, and you don't need more power...believe me
    even a high end GPU (HD 6950) can be run in that PSU but it will limit it to the max.
    and as long as you don't even have a mid range GPU...you're good to go :)
  6. So with the 6770 in the system, and even up to the 6900 series I'll be cool with the http://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Components/Power+Supplies/Modular+650W+or+less/500W+OCZ+ModXStream+Pro+Modular+Silent+SLI%2FCrossfire+Ready+ATX2.2+Power+Supply+?productId=33610 and its 3 year warranty, considering it supports SLI and Crossfire I'd be presuming that it's more for gaming PC's, as the Corsair seems more aimed at a home PC rather than gaming system.

    Just sucks that it's so darned expensive!!!
  7. This PSU is great for a single card solution, and CF/SLi of low end GPUs such as your current HD 6770.

    If you want to go CF/SLI of high end GPUs you need at least a 700W branded PSU and rated for higher efficiency and this will cost $125-$150 :)

    so just stick with that PSU that you linked, and it will be superior for your current and future needs :)
  8. Here one that will easily power your PC for only £31 http://www.aria.co.uk/SuperSpecials/Other+products/430W+be+quiet%21+Pure+Power+BQT+L7+ATX2.3+Power+Supply+?productId=44284

    Corsair, XFX, Seasonic, Antec an BeQuiet are the best PSU makers.
  9. Ok you absolutely 100% promise that'll power it? Cos I've checked some stuff and according to proper ratings, I need at least a 500w PSU to be safe.. I don't wanna undercut just in case.

    If you can guarantee me this is the spot on solution I'll be happy :)
  10. Yes for sure, this will power your current settings just fine, the HD 6770 doesn't require additional wattage from the 12V rail.
  11. http://support.asus.com/PowerSupply.aspx?SLanguage=en

    According to that, I need 450w, it ups to 500w when I add a few USB reliant things, like my external hard drive, which is however powered by a plug so shouldn't matter, and my printer with its own power as well.

    Unpowered USB stuffs include the webcam and the wireless xbox microsoft reciever..
  12. Well, here's some cold hard facts.

    This source here : http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/296 shows that the maximum power draw from an overclocked i7-920 and HD 6770 is 262W.

    That power supple I linked has 30A combined on the +12V rail.
    30A x 12V = 360W.

    Using that power supply you still have a lot of power left over to use.
  13. Most of the online PSU calculators sucks and gives wrong info.
    Your current system can be powered by a 350W PSU just fine, and the 430W is very plenty... no worries...
  14. Cheers to both of you, and high five to Yummerzzz for the info, if I'd have known that 2 hours ago I'd have just bought this, seen it and thought well.. they do give PSU suggestions on *be safe* basis, but I presumed I'd need a hell of a lot more power to be safe personally.

    Just means I won't get it tomorrow, I'll need to wait 'til Thursday before I can FINALLY put my XFX 6770 into the system and start to enjoy my Crysis Max Edition (basically the first one and the two followups lol)

    Also.. been desparate to play EVERYTHING on my new HD telly, and indeed now I'll be able to :D

    Thanks very, very much guys! Now all I need is Aria to be awesome and refund me when I send back this stupid CIT psu.. 650w my hairy backside!!!
  15. (p.s. admin please don't close this topic yet, I want to give both these dudes epic feeling of achievement when I come back on later this week to post how awesome and high the system runs when I get the PSU!!)

  16. The thread won't be closed till you select the best answer.
    And i already know how it performs... :) good luck
  17. Oh it should be totally epic eh? A phenom II x4 955 with OC headroom! running with 8g's of DDR3 and a 6770... WHEEE :D

    I'll even have 4 cooling fans to go with it and my shiny new DVI-D cable is coming to give the monitor what it needs (as opposed to stupid VGA through a DVI! lol!)
  18. Oh and bare something in mind.. my full system, yes from the case to the DVD writer and all cables and everything, has cost me under £450! Look about for something in its region with so much RAM and you're talking at least a grand.. and thats from self-builders with their own shops hehe :D
  19. My system cost me £430.
    WITH Win7.
  20. Mine was built a year ago now, almost :P Before all these new fangled things were out. The 6770 only cost me 35 bucks :) Cos I done one of those *earn amazon vouchers* survey things and I keep doing it to get more free stuff. Epic win! Was 80 quid in total, and a damn good buy I'm presuming cos basically, for the next few years I shall game. As shall you! And I'm loving the idea of adding a nice 3D telly to the setup at some point.

    People tell ya 3D doesn't work.. but they lie. The stereoscopic (thats the polarised lenses one right? Haha) kicks total ass, and indeed a telly to look at is the LG 47LW450U

    It's not that expensive, comes with 7 pairs of glasses, and TOTALLY IS THREE DIMENSIONAL! I near died when I seen it :D
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