Turning my computer off, leaving the power supply on?

This might sound like a stupid question, but is it generally okay to leave your PSU in "on" mode when your computer is shut down? I always shutdown my computer, but leave my power supply switch in the on position. Just want to get clarification on this to see if what I'm doing is acceptable, and won't hurt my computer. Thanks.
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  1. Perfectly fine to leave the switch on your psu on while your computer off.
    This will not affect your computer in any negative way.
  2. Most do I think. Because if you don't eventually your CMOS battery would die out. As it's meant to keep settings saved in the BIOS during a power outage. And if you shut down the power supply. It will begin to drain, and eventually you will have to buy a new battery.
  3. I always leave my psu on.
  4. Mine does not even have an off switch, and I don't switch it off at the power socket.

    Its fine to leave it switched on
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