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LF recommendation for a bright blue led 140mm fan


I've built up my case with a bunch of Thermaltake Thunderblade blue LED fans, which are quite bright, a perfect color of blue, and move a good amount of air. Problem: I need a 140mm for the front lower fan, but Thermaltake doesn't make anything for me there.

Can anyone recommend a good bright blue LED 140mm fan that has good airflow, or would I be better off just tossing a 120mm fan in there?
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  1. I have the 120mm version of this in my case and it is fairly quiet. The 140mm should be nearly silent due to the slower RPM.

    My personal preference would be an Antec Tri-Cool with the 3 speed switch. Good luck finding one though.
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    Yep that's a good fan i have 4 of them(CM)
  3. I actually have 2 of those exact same CM fans. I wanted to replace them because they don't move as much air as the Thunderblades, and are not nearly as bright.
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