My laptop lags in games

first GTA IV
I play it in high setting and it runs smooth and all but after about 3 minutes it lags 1 second every 5 seconds
Second Battlefield 2
I play play it in high setting smoothly but it lags like 6 times every 10 minutes the one lag like 1 to 3 seconds
third mount & blade warband
I play it in ultra high and there is no lag
I bought my laptop from about two weeks but i first use it from 2 days
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  1. what are specs of your laptop?
    not all laptops are created equal
    specifically CPU,Graphics and ram

    usually a laptop will be advertised as a "gaming" laptop
    if not then usually they are lacking when it comes to playing harder games like
    BF2 and GTA

    remember that BF2 and GTAIV strain desktop computers which are generally higher powered than laptops (generally I said:))
  2. What's the specs on that laptop of yours ?
    Does all other games have this same problem ?
    You could check if your GPU is overheating.
    Check your temps while at idle and gaming.
  3. It Is Dell inspiron
    processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2310M CPU @ 2.30 GHZ
    (RAM) : 4 GB
    System Type : 64- bit Operation System
    GeForce GT 525M
    ah one more thing my laptop gets hot too fast
  4. GT525M, that's your problem

    lower your settings

    also, how hot? mid 80 is quite normal for laptop graphics under load.
  5. thanks Pyree i will try lowering my sttings
    when i open any game i can feel a very hot air and the place i put it on is very very hot too
  6. VSlayer said:
    ah one more thing my laptop gets hot too fast

    What are the temps ?
    Since you've got a GT525M, I'd recommend you lower your settings and resolution. That chip isn't designed for gaming.
  7. oh thank all you so much but sorry how to know my laptop temp
  8. I had already given you link to check your temps.
    Download that tool.

    You can also use GPU-Z.
  9. To be more specific:

    Lower your settings as low as possible to see if the lag disappears. If it does, then raise the settings as high as you can to still maintain a high framerate with no lag.

    I use FRAPS when starting a new game to tweak it.

    I have a high-end desktop so i just try to make sure I get over 60FPS, but you may wish to just make sure you get 40FPS or higher for shooters etc.
  10. I will try that phtonboy

    there are too many temperature
    which one you need

    Dell Inc. 0FXK2Y
    Value Min MAX
    48.5C 48.5C 58.5C
    Intel Core i5
    Value Min MAX
    Core#0 48.0C 46.0C 57.0C
    Package 50.0C 49.0C 61.0C

    WDX WD5000BPVT-75
    Value Min MAX
    42.0C 41.0C 42.0C
  11. You need the one for gpu, do it again, you didn't include it on your last post.

    also, you are getting the idle temperature not the temperature under load.
  12. Give us the temps for the GPU. Only GPU.
    Otherwise, just take a screen shot and upload it.
    Remember to check the temps while on full load ( while gaming ). :)
  13. The same happens with mine but only in GTA 4
    I have a hp dv4-2126tx with a 512 MB ATI raedon graphics.
    All games work fine except for GTA4

    It lags even with my 1GB Nvidia GeForce, desktop
  14. I think in tom's hardware, we had repeated discussion on GTA 4 performance issues and every time we made the same conclusion: play it on a console.
  15. Yeah, we did. :)
  16. VSlayer said:
    It Is Dell inspiron
    processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2310M CPU @ 2.30 GHZ
    (RAM) : 4 GB
    System Type : 64- bit Operation System
    GeForce GT 525M
    ah one more thing my laptop gets hot too fast

    Bro I have same laptop with same specs and have same problem :D so don't worry it's not only your problem it's the problem of every Dell Inspiron n5110 i5 Users :p

    I searched a lot on the internet but found nothing helpful.

    What I am doing to stop over heating is:
    1- Set Power Plan to Balanced
    2- Use Cooling Pad but it helps little bit
    3- Make sure your laptop left bottom side is not block ( Place your laptop on your lap not on bed or table )
    4- Use GPU Monitor Gadget to monitor your temprature
    5- Use nvidiaInspector and set your "Memory clock" to 754 MHZ and "Shader Clock" to 834 (Do this step every time when you want to play game after restarting laptop)

    Bro These steps may help you to play game without lag for little more time . Thanks
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