Installing motherboard p8b75-m lx plus

mostly need help with the cables, not sure where they go.
cables i have are
(cable 1)
ear L 1 and 2
ear R 1 and 2

(cable 2)
mic in
mic something cant read second part.

(cable 3)
tpa + and -
tpb + and -

(cable 4)
usb 1 + and -
vcc 1
gnd and gnd 1

(cable 5)
usb 2 + and -
vcc 2
gnd and gnd 2

just not sure where exactly to put them
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  1. What case are you trying to put the motherboard into? How old is it? Cable one is for your front panel audio out, cable two is for your front panel audio in. Cable three I can't figure out from what you've got there - probably power and reset buttons. Cables four and five are USB connectors. They would appear to be cables from a rather old prebuilt - is there a way you can take pictures of the connectors?
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