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I was wondering if you guys, or the folks at G.SKILL, would be so kind as to tell me the differences between the Trident X and the Ripjaw X models of G.SKILL memory. At first glance, from the specs posted on NewEgg, the two seem almost identical. Below are the two links for the RAM:

G.SKILL Trident X -

G.SKILL Ripjaw X -

As you can see from the specs posted, the clock speed, timing, and voltage are the same for both units with two exceptions:

The first being that it mentions that the Ripjaw doesn't use ECC
The second being it says Ripjaw is unbuffered memory

Is the same not true for the Trident series?

Any help you could offer would be appreciated.
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  1. Well the trident x is their top of the line module, it most probably uses different chips and generally overclock better as well as the line itself carrying higher speeds. Also the design with removable heat fins on the trident x is another nice feature
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    Specifications are the same, so performance will be similar. Purchase the one you think looks better or better suits your system. Either way, you will be very pleased with G.Skill Extreme RAM.

    Thank you
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