Very strange noise from inside my computer

Hello, im having a strange powering down or shutting off noise from inside my computer, sort of a *wheeeeeeeeewn* noise it happens durring opening or loading. its not from the speakers i already checked that. when it happens the computer freezes but only for a second or so. please help
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  1. Open the case and get your ear as close as you can to each fan you have, then the hard drive and see if one of them are causing the sound. Use a stethoscope if you have one or one end of a straw to the component (or near it) and the other end to your ear...
  2. There are only 2 things with moving parts in a PC:
    HDDs, and Fans. I really hope it is just a fan as they are really easy to replace... If it is a HDD starting to go then you will want to back up as much data as you can.

    To test, unplug the HDD's power and see if it still makes noise when you turn on and shut down the computer. If so, then you are in luck! It's a fan! If not, then you have my apologies.

    If it is a fan, then turn the system on and either lightly touch the fans (in the center of the fan, NOT the edges) until it stops moving, or unplug the power to the fans until you find the bad one. Most fans (except for the CPU and GPU) you can live without while you wait for the new fan to come in.
  3. Cool thanks for your replys, i did see a video on youtube about HDD's and the sound they make when dying. There was a sound ALMOST similar but not quite. i will back up my HDD for sure just incase it is not the fan. I dont have a stethascope lying around but i will open her up and see where its coming from.
  4. If you have kids, I found that the little steth that comes in those Fisher Price doctors bags work awesome too. I have one in my tool set outside for when the car has some weird noise. Amazing how handy kid's toys are!!
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