GTX 570 Issue?

Lately i've been having issues with game such as Crysis 2, Fear 3 and Deus ex - Human revolution..
what happens is, that sometimes, totaly randomly the game crashes to desktop giving me the little bubble on side saying the driver stopped working and has recovered..
now i've tried going from the latest 280.X driver to the 266.X driver with no good, tried changing the VSYNC and Tesselation and AA options in the games which only sometimes gave me few more minutes before crush.. the games work perfectly with maybe little realy little stuttering when i move from lets say.. hmm a little environment such as a room to a big open one.. but only for a fraction of a second..
I realy dont know what to do and im beginning to think it may damage my graphic card?
PS : all of the games where run under DX11.
Havn't tried with DX9. (because, i want to play it on DX11..)

My specs are :
Intel i5 2500K
Nvidia Geforce GTX570 (Asus)
8GB of ram
Page file : 1871mb (of available 14giga)
mobo : P67 Sabertooth

Thats about it.. I would be very glad to recieve some kind of help as im getting frustrated..
some people on various sites said something about reducing the card clock speed which i have no idea how or why..

Thanks !
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    To see the driver crash points to there being an issue with your card. Those types of crashes when that pop up comes it usually means that the card briefly stopped responding. RMA or try band aid solutions your self such as leaving the fan at 60-80% to keep it cool instead of slow roast at stock settings. You already know about underclocking the card but a small bump on the volts might help.
  2. Tested Deus Ex Human Revolution with DX9 settings.. running it for a few hours without problems.. besides a small lag rarely.. but thats it, no crashes..
    Can you please explain how do i lower clock speed and fan speed or the stuff you explained there? im quite a noob regarding card modification with software..
  3. Ok, after researching a little, i have downloaded the Smartdoctor application and GPU-Z to track and clock my card, i used the hyper option for my card trough smartdoctor which allowes for automated clocking and fan adjusting according to the load on the pc.
    Result - Game worked (Only tested on Deus ex Human Revolution so far) much more stable on DX11 + Tesselation and VSYNC and maxxed out AA.. (All options maxed out on everything 1680X1050)
    It crashed after about 1~1.5 hour of playing (never held that long before i think)
    BUT !!
    after the crash, well, it simply crash.. no driver messege about it stop working or something.. So now i assume (due to this crash with no messege from the driver) that the measures i took (BTW I updated back to 280.X driver) did prove successfull and the problem now is the game.. Perhaps not stable enough and need some developer tweaking for some bugs maybe..
    Anyway, Thanks for your help so far mate and if the problems resurface il keep you posted..
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