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Difference Between cor 2 due and cor 2 quad

i want to know what is the difference between Difference Between cor 2 due and cor 2 quad,which one is the best?
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  1. Quad is better for multitasking.
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    The core 2 Duo is a two core. The Core 2 quad is a four core processor. As for which one is best I would say the quad core. If you're going to be doing gaming or a lot of multi tasking the quad core will give better performance.
  3. core 2 quad = 2 core 2 duos taped together.
  4. azeem40 said:
    Quad is better for multitasking.

    thanks azeem, i am riaz belong to mardan
    i want to buy a pc the dealer says it has q 35 bord its name is OPTIPLIX 755 can u guide me which one should i buy?? cor 2 due or q35 with cor 2 quad??
  5. Core 2 quad.
  6. Thanks for such a rapid response, what can i do for you??
    am new to this site.
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