My First Build - Would Like Community Feedback

Hello everyone! :)

A few messages before I begin

I live in Denmark, so therefor taxes may or may not be slightly different from you guys'. Therefor, I may list prices which seem unreasonably high; the Danish tax system is the reason for this.

I will also write everything in USD, despite the fact that my currency is DKK. This is because I have logged the American currency in my mind, so I'll be able to fairly easily calculate the Dollar value, compared to the Krone (the Danish currency) value.

An ounce of story, to tell why I want to build a new PC

I have been using my current computer, a pre-built PC from HP, for a good four years. At the time of purchase, it cost about $1100.
It is also running Vista, so the majority of it is practically.. Bad. I'm not going to list the specs of it, as that is not what I'm trying to discuss here.
I have also for quite a while (approx. 3 years) had more-or-less a dream to build my own computer; as much because I would like to know a thing or two about hardware.

A few of my current classmates, also has experience with building computers. Their experiences are different. One of them is a fella who enjoys overclocking, the other is down to earth with his computers.

The budget

I am currently a student whom just turned 16. Therefor, I am not a multimillionaire, but I am currently earning some money, so I won't have to fit everything within an unreasonable budget.
I should, by February, have a budget at about $1600, after tax.

What it'll be used for

I'll be doing a fair bit of internet surfing on this PC, but I'll also try to jump out into the gaming world (my current PC is too slow for anything but Terraria and Minecraft..).

On top of that, I'll also try to make gaming videos.
Furthermore, I'm currently on the road to becoming a webdesigner; therefor, I'll be using Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash a lot.

The current itemlist


 Intel Core i7 I7-2600K 8 MB




 Corsair Vengeance 2 x 4 GB

Graphics Card:

 eVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti (2 GB) * (*I may eventually be buying an additional Graphics Card for SLI.)

Hard Drive:

 WD Caviar Black WD2002FAEX 2 TB

Power Supply:

 Corsair Professional Series Gold AX850 (**) (** I am choosing this Power Supply, as it's fully modular, over the HX850)


 Fractal Design Define R3 Black


 1x Fractal Design Silent Series 120mm (1000 rpm)
4x Fractal Design Silent Series 140mm (600 rpm)

Wireless-Internet Adapter:

 Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300



I apologize for being unable to find links for The Fans, Internet Adapter and DVD!

Additional External Hardware

I'm also planning on buying myself some new Monitors (for now I'll run with two, eventually I'll upgrade to three).
I have the following in the mix (HDMI and DVI inputs, as well as FULL HD being the primary concern):


 BenQ G2450HM

 LG W2442PE-BF

Additionally, I'm thinking of buying a new set of speakers, juggling between:

 Logitech X-530

 Logitech Z 506

Additional comment(s)

I'll be buying Windows 7 64Bit Home Premium, as an Operating System.

I have no immediate plans on overclocking the PC, but depending on how easy it will be, the effects, and the risk, I might do it.

Please leave your feedback, and give me ideas on how I can improve this. Also, please take into consideration that I am not completely aware of all the abbreviations out there, so please do spell everything out :).
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  1. There's an inherent problem with looking for something today, when you're going to be buying a machine 3-4 months from now. Prices do change, and parts are replaced (like the 2700K replacing the 2600K). Overall, you should look at the mid-range components, such as DVD players/speakers/etc., which do not change in price or availability so quickly. We could look at what would be good now, but it might not be relevant that far down the line (Radeon 7000-series should be in the wings, for example). I would wait and listen around to news and forthcoming releases for February, and make you decision (and ask for advice) when you have the money to spend.
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