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Cpu usage is always around 60-70%

okay.. so my laptop was working fine till a few days back .. but today i am seeing abnormal CPU usage in the task manager , cpu fan making noise and all that . I looked up for the processes which were causing the trouble in the task manager. I found that it was apparently the Apoint.exe which is i think a driver of Alps Touch pad. So i closed this process by task manager , the CPU usage dropped t 1-2% everything seemed t be fine for a moment and then all of a sudden another process named "dwm.exe" came on the top of the list sucking up 55% cpu .I googled a bit about it and found that it was Desktop Window Manager service which i assume handles the graphics. I closed this process as well to see what happenes now.. the CPU usage drops again t 2-3% and than again to my surprise Chrome.exe comes to the top again showing 52% cpu usage while i had only one tab opened in the chrome window. and when i tried to close the chrome.exe hoping that it will solve the problem.. i found that explorer.exe took its place showing 50% cpu usage again.

So.. can anybody please explain me what the hell is happening here..and how do i resolve this issue. i read some threads about svchost causing some troubles t the system

but this isn't causing trouble in my case.
I have recently reinstalled windows in my laptop..I used to have bit Defender antivirus before i formatted windows but i dont have any antivirus in my system now because i think that they cause more trouble than the viruses themselves. as far as i think its not a virus issue and im sure after even installing any antivirus and ding scan for hours i wont find any source of the problem. so any other suggestion that could cause this problems are appreciated..
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    Im having exactly the same problems with my i5-2500k build currently.

    CPU usage keeps bouncing up to 50% on 2 of the 4 cores. svchost.exe seems to be the problem, its hogging lots of memory. Also been having issues with Chrome too.

    I can determine that the problem isn't a virus due to numerous checks and a very well looked after system/safe browsing habits.

    I'll include a link to my thread about it here in case anyone leaves responses there that might help you too:
  2. @AdrianPerry as i mentioned earlier that i looked for svchost in task manager and it was showing no abnormal cpu usage in my case but thanks for the reply though

    well.. for the time being the problem seems to be resolved because i performed the system restore to the last restore computer is working fine now... the last system change i performed was the installation of c,c++ compilers which are now removed . but still I dont think that these compilers were the culprits.. anyways i would like to know what might be the cause of the problem in case it appears again..
  3. Zed we have a bug

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