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how can i block folders in windows xp or 7 without download any software program or right click> properties> share> make this folder private or control panel>folder option> view> hide file& folders.....else
ineed putting password to save & security my folder but how can i do this !
thanks alot ,,,,
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  1. Can you explain exactly what your wanting? I'm guessing your got some pr0n that you might not want someone to see? or are you wanting to password protect a file?

    A cool fun way to "hide" a folder is to create a folder - when you name the folder, hold alt and press 0160 on the numpad. This will create a black for the name. Now, right click on folder>properties>customize tab>Change icon>and find the blank icon (the one that doesnt have anything). Now you got an invisible icon and no-name folder that can only be seen by highlighting it :)

    To password protect a folder, install WinZip, and right click on the folder > winZip> add to WinZip file> and check the box that says "ecrypt added files" and zip it. Now, in order for anyone to view the contents of the zipped file, they will need the password you provided for it.

    Does this kinda answer your questions?
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