GPU of Sandy Bridge or MOBO agp?

I know that Sandy Bridges have integrated GPU. Most of the MoBos have on board AGP on it. Which one will be working if I play a game?

If I get Core i5 I have to buy additional Graphics card? If I have to do so, what will be the role of processors's GPU?

You may feel that these are some newcomer's ?(I'm nt :-s ) questions... but I really want the answers!!!
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    It's an IGP, not AGP.
    Sandy Bridge CPUs do indeed have an integrated GPU but because of this, motherboards for these processors do not have an IGP.

    There are three main types of chipsets for Sandy Bridge motherboards - H67, P67 and Z68.
    With H67 and Z68, you can use the integrated GPU on the Sandy Bridge processor OR choose to buy an additional graphics card. If you do buy an additional graphics card, the one on the processor will not be used.

    With P67, you HAVE to buy an additional graphics card. The one on the processor is "locked".
  2. Advice: Buying an i5 for gaming purposes? Don't look for onboard/internal graphics. Buy a dedicated graphics card, you will be much, much happier with your systems performance.
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  4. The Core i5-2500K has the Intel HD 3000 graphics core. Generally speaking it is a little better than the desktop version of the Radeon HD 5450. The Radeon HD 5450 is the slowest card in the HD 5xxx series and is not considered a gaming video card in a desktop system.

    See following review of the Radeon HD 5450 to get an idea of what the Intel HD 3000 is capable of:
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